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The next season of ITV's period drama Downton Abbey will be its last, its makers announce.
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Frank Dunn

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OP-ED: Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner is out to emancipate the Land of Lincoln
If he can change the way this troubled state does business, there’s hope for the rest of the nation.
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Someone pleze splain? Spider-Man is not a Marvel property?
That earthquake you felt wasn't real…it was just a rumored-but-still-surprising deal being made in Hollywood. Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios, owned by Sony's rival Disney, struck a deal on Monday for Spider-Man which will allow the character to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ...
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Frank Dunn

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BETHALTO — St. Louis Regional Airport shows support for Scott AFB
BETHALTO —St. Louis Regional Airport is doing its part to help military service personnel.The Bethalto airport is one of numero...
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Finished watching Automata on +Netflix last night. The cinematography was very well done. The environments were very rich. The scene locations set the perfect mood for the action on the screen.

The city scenes in this dystopian thriller draw very heavily from Blade Runner. The actors' performances are superb and tell the story very well. They are able to portray the heaviness of the oppression in their lives in a way that is almost palpable. I am not an Antonio Banderas fan, but his performance in this movie keep me enthralled in his story.

As a political conservative, I enjoyed the Life and protection of Life aspects of the story. But, at the same time there is an excellent depiction of corporate abuse of power plot line. The two woven together with deft precision that creates a package that should be entertaining to a wide audience.

I really enjoyed this movie. I still want to know what changed the rain.
Jacq Vaucan is an insurance agent of ROC robotics corporation who investigates cases of robots violating their primary protocols against altering themselves. What he discovers...
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Frank Dunn

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I applaud this move by the Irish Catholic Bishops to attempt to keep political campaigns out of the Church. It is unfortunate that the Liberal Leftists will specifically target Church congregations and fill sermon after sermon with political instructions so that their church members do the, "right thing."

This move by the Catholic Bishops brings more clarity into the ideal of separation of Church and State. It draws the line more clearly between the Religious and the Secular. It defines the arena better and makes it more clear that a voter can be both a religious person and a forthright constituent.

Not crossing the political and religious streams serves the people better and help us to understand that our Religious life and our life in our community are not mutually exclusive. We must make good choices that support our beliefs in both environments, but these choices do not have to lead to the destruction of either important element in our lives.

I wish the political activists displayed the same restraint as our Religious Leadership.
Churches and schools ‘not appropriate places’ for purely electoral material
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Frank Dunn

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What a hypocrite. How about shaming the world out of one side of your mouth and then practicing the very same exclusion practices that you rail against out of the other side of your mouth. What an elitist to believe you can pick and choose who gets to be model for transgender causes and who does not. How about them Wheaties?

For a culture that places Science before God and believes that people can be born with a physical gender that does not match their psychological gender, one that I share to some extent, the attack on Jenner and his very public struggle with his gender identity is frighteningly myopic. It is possible to raise awareness of one story of personal tragedy without tearing down another person going through a similar odyssey. This effort reeks of Middle School gossip.

I am consistently amazed that these highly educated people write and say things like, "the gender assigned at birth." I would really appreciate a medical profession's opinion on how the birth process assigns a gender to a human being. I am pretty sure that is determined at conception, but we don't want to talk about conception because a human is not really a human until they actually survive being born. It is sad that we spend so much effort subjugating a miracle of God and Science for political gain.
It does not diminish Jenner's personal courage to suggest that a Hollywood self-promoter is not the right person to represent the struggle for transgender acceptance.
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Frank Dunn

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President Obama just proposed raising taxes on middle class families trying to save for college. It’s a BAD idea, and Republicans in Congress are going to fight it.
President Obama’s budget is scheduled to be released a week from today – but will it include his proposal to raise taxes on college savings?
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I am not pro Pot legalization. But, the people of the State voted and so here we are. But, this line in the post kills me, "If the State of Illinois approves the pending application, the Village of Glen Carbon would receive no sales tax from the sale of medical marijuana from this dispensary."

What? Here we have another Government bait and switch. One of the most ballyhooed arguments for legalizing Pot is that Governments will be able to tax it. I guess not so much.
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Growing plants, regardless of what they are, should be a human right with ZERO government involvement, taxation or controls. I'm not a stoner but am sick to death of a government run by control freaks always looking for yet another way to make a buck while stifling real freedom.
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Frank Dunn

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Steam's answer to Twitch game streaming is now live
Valve is now letting its millions of Steam users stream their games to the world. Steam Broadcasting, the company's answer to the wildly popular Twitch,
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We are a simple Midwestern family who happened upon a 2002 Audi TT and decided to buy. Over the past few years we have had work completed by the service department at Plaza Audi. Their work on our car has always been solid. They shoot straight with the price and their work has proven to be reliable. Their attention to customer service has always made us feel welcomed and appreciated.
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The high level of customer service took me completely by surprise. And, it was not even my first time at the Edwardsville Dobbs. You never forget when you are surprised by customer service. And when it is a good surprise, you never forget to come back for more.
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