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Frank Doorhof
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Fashion/celebrity photographer, best selling author and KelbyOne and PSW instructor based in the Netherlands
Fashion photographer, specialized in workshops.
KelbyOne and Photoshop world instructor.

Author of the bestseller "Mastering the modelshoot" and "the magic of the small flash (Dutch)"

Bragging rights
I'm always in for creative challenges.
Fashion/celebrity, workshops.
  • StudioFD
    Owner/Photographer, 2004 - present
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Frank Doorhof

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We made little drink vouchers for a future workshop on location in the Netherlands.
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A lot of people ask me which plugins I love to use and without a doubt the plugins from +Macphun Software are very present in my images, especially Intensify, which is probably in 90% of my images to get a little bit more of that "pop".

Now when people buy the APPS they often wonder how to install the plugins in Photoshop and Lightroom, while in fact it's very simple.

You just run the APP the first time and it will ask you if it needs to install the plugin, just press YES and after that restart lightroom or Photoshop and there are the plugins.

By the way if you surf here : and use the code frankd you get a 5% discount on all your purchases and you support my work :D

Don't buy the versions in APP store from Apple because those are not the pro versions, so you will have limited functionality and no plugins.
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The MacPhun pro versions (with plugin) are not available on the apple store.
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Frank Doorhof

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13 maart nog 2 plekjes vrij voor de workshop glamour met ons nieuwe model Ramona, zie voor meer workshops en uitleg.

In de workshop glamour is er altijd veel aandacht voor de meer "spannende" verlichtingen zoals strijklicht maar dit keer gaan we een stap verder met :

Selectief licht, continue verlichting, werken in een kleine ruimte met trap, sfeer bouwen dmv kleine DIY aanpassingen, oude lenzen voor speciale looks, coachen van het model bij gebruik van props zoals stoelen, trappen etc, gebruik van gekleurd licht.

Dit is een volledig nieuwe workshop binnen glamour met nieuwe technieken en tips.

Kosten : 199.00 inclusief BTW pp.
Tijdsduur : 10:00-15:30
Locatie : Emmeloord

Volledig op maat dmv QA aan het begin.
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Frank Doorhof

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In this episode of Quite Frankly a tip on a function that a lot of people don't use because they think it will not give them great results.... the sweeping panoramic mode.

Quite Frankly EP 43
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Frank Doorhof

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We are just back from our trip to Finland. In a few blogposts I want to show you some of the shots I took and tell you a bit about how I shot them and share some tips.   In this blog post some overal shots that have no real story, let’s call it a […]
We are just back from our trip to Finland. In a few blogposts I want to show you some of the shots I took and tell you a bit about how I shot them and share some tips. In this blog post some overal shots that have no real story, let's call it a warm up post :D ...
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nice ones :) 
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Frank Doorhof

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We have a new intern. Her name is Angela. She is studying Graphic Design. Here's her blogpost (in dutch)
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Hallo mijn naam is Angela Dekens. Ik ben 25 jaar en woon in Dokkum. Ik volg de opleiding Grafisch Vormgeving in Leeuwarden. Naast mijn opleiding ben ik fotograaf, kunstenaar en valkenier. Ik bied mensen de mogelijkheid om op de foto te gaan samen met een uil of een roofvogel. In mijn fotografie ben ik erg …
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Frank Doorhof

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WoW this is just plain awesome.

Is this gonna change the way we create music ?

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Frank Doorhof

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Shooting tethered is without a doubt something I always try to do, when in the studio or on location. So here some tips for making that experience easier.

1. the right laptop
make sure you choose a laptop that is durable and make sure you use a protective case. My laptop is often used in locations where it's easy to scratch and I always use cases on the top and bottom, these cases retail for 25-50 euros and really make sure the laptop stays brand new.

A good brand is for example Specks.

As my laptop I'm now back at the MacBookPro 15", the 13" was great but for me a bit too slow when working with loads of larger files, also the extra screen size is very nice.

2. Tethertools
+Tether Tools has a huge selection of kit that is awesome for tethering, there are other solutions but often they are not interchangeable, with Tethertools you know everything fits together and it's light to travel with.

Make sure that you ALWAYS use a Jerkstopper when shooting tethered, and the Orange cables simply rock because they are very visible and that means a lot less people step on them.

3. AppleTV
in the studio we use an AppleTV connected to a large screen TV to show the images to our clients and models, the big advantage of the AppleTV is that it functions seamlessly under Mac and you can actually mirror one screen in the screens resolution, which will not work when you use the HDMI output.

Thanks to the AppleTV we can also simply move the monitor setup around the studio and only change power outlet.

4. Capture One
Loads of people ask me "which software to use" and in my opinion there is only one solution that works flawless and FAST and that's Capture One.

It's also an awesome raw developer and has some great extra features like:

Focus overlay : everything that is green is in focus
Overlay : overlay a cover and see the end result
Tinting presets : love a certain look? create it in RAW and use it
New shots with xxx : every shot that comes in has the look you want
Layers : if you need some editing fast use the layers in C1.
Seamless intergration with Ps : now there is a roundtrip to Ps
Many cameras supported : Sony, Canon, Nikon, MF etc. etc. loads of cameras are supported

And much much more.
But most of all, when you loose connection you simply reconnect and capture One will continue, and of course the loupe function is almost instant where Lightroom often takes a long time to zoom in.

5. Capture Pilot
Part of Capture One is capture pilot.
Run the app on your mobile device and you can see the images coming in on your device (or anywhere in the world if you grant the client access).

We sometimes use this with workshops on location so people don't have to look at my laptop screen.

6. iCap
A nice new device I found which folds up very small and when extended turns into a "house" for your laptop where it's shielded from water and sunlight, very cool and very affordable.

7. Common sense
Don't we need this for everything....
Always realize that you are connected to your laptop/computer, so don't walk 10mtrs if you have 7mtrs of cables, don't run cables over a busy road, and always clean your contacts when you shot outside.

When you're shooting on a beach make sure there are no open holes on your laptop, use some gaffers tape to tape them shut, sand will creep into everything and is often very hard to get out.

Tethering is an awesome way to show your images to your clients and it works flawlessly in most workflows, some people will find the whole setup too much work and shoot on the card, but I'm 100% serious when I tell you that in the end you are probably faster when shooting tethered for the simple reason you immediately know when you "nailed" the shot and you can check very easily for focus etc.

For a nice discount on Capture One use the code "AMBDOORHOF" and get 10% off.

Capture One can be found at :
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Frank Doorhof

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Books have been written about posing, so called posing guides... and although they might work for a base I always believe it's better to do something really creative when you are working with your models.

Often it's not that there is a 123 solution that always works, every model is different and has different poses that work for him/her so try to approach each shoot with that in mind.

For example in this shot with Marie we choose for a pose not every model can pull off, and although it looked liked the posed very relaxed I can tell you that this is literally a split second shot, so time it correctly. but when you get it "right" you can end up with some pretty interesting results.

For much more in depth information on model photography check out my book "Mastering the model shoot" (now also in Chinese :D) or visit for instructional videos and daily updates, or check out my videos on
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Agree. But having some "instructions" for the first experience can be pretty helpful, especially if photographer AND model have very little experience. Your book helps a lot though :)
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Frank Doorhof

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Interesting article on manipulation and how it is "discovered" and also that some shots that "obviously" are manipulated are actually not.
This year's World Press Photo awards saw an unprecedented number of entrants thrown out for tampering with their images - reopening an old debate on what can be a fine line, in photojournalism - New Zealand Herald
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from the article "I am showing you not what my eye saw, but what I wish it had seen. "   I think Roger Cozien (the Tungstene guy) hit this nail on the head talking about how the camera can never show what your eye saw  (anyone here got 14mm or 200mm eyes?  Black and White vision?  Long exposure eyes?) so we're always dealing with a representation of what was there.  Also, what you include and don't include in the frame can have a huge impact on the message it carries.
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A while ago we did a photoshoot with a big dog named Ferdi. He is very young and enthusiastic. Styling by
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These images look very nice!  Nice job by everyone, including Ferdi!
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Frank Doorhof

Shared publicly  - 
This entry was posted on March 3, 2015, 2:19 pm and is filed under blog. You can follow any responses to this entry through RSS 2.0. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed. blog · guests · Light meter · News etc · Reviews · Visions and technique ...
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404 not found ;-)
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Two shots of my PSW class

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I get the negative reviews of some but don't agree. I was looking for a camera to shoot MF on the street, had to look vintage but had to have a meter. When I walked in and saw all the cameras I knew we were gonna succeed. Steve helped us very nicely but has a "certain" kind of humor, which I like (but I'm Dutch and we also have a different sense of humor). Eventually we ended up with a Yashica 124Mat in brand-new state, according to Steve it had a little scratch but I have to be honest.... it's an older camera so there will always be something, but overall the camera looked brand new. If you want to buy gear for flea market prices you're wrong in this place, I paid $350.00 for the camera which is pretty on the top end, but, and I find this very important, the camera was 100% working and looked brand new. You can always buy something cheap but let's be honest if the camera isn't 100% in the end you end up not using it anymore or buying another one, and another one etc. in het end it's a wiser decision to just buy right the first time. Steve took the time to show me how to load the film (I already knew but he still insisted to show me because he had some tricks which were indeed very handy). I took the camera out for a day and found out on the last day of our stay that the meter did not work, because they have warranty I went back on Saturday. Steve immediately looked and tried to solve it but couldn't that fast, he did his best to find something else on the shelve but in the end we decided to just have it repaired and send back, he was even willing to send it back to the Netherlands on his costs (would have killed his profit by a wide margin), but because we would be in New York 10 days later we agreed that he would send it to a friend of me in New York. We arrived on Saturday in New York and indeed right on time on Saturday the camera arrived with my friend, which means he indeed "rushed" the repair, taken into account I brought it on Saturday and the next weekend was Easter he really did what he promised. Half way through our stay home my wife called Steve to ask if everything was going ok, this was after I read the reviews over here and got me a bit worried to be honest, Steve immediately knew who I was and kept it really short because he knew we were calling from abroad, he told my wife everything was going great and he thought he would get the camera with us in New York exactly on Saturday. So no "please wait you're next in line" but a quick update. I checked the meter when the package came in and everything seems to be working just fine, the only thing is that they placed a 1.5V battery while there should be 1.35V battery, but hey you can't know everything right :) I visit a lot of camera stores when abroad and have to add that in many many cases you are being treated like a foreigner that will not buy anything anyway, when I entered the Camera Doctor I was treated exactly like I expected, straight to the point and I left with what I needed, and you know you learn about a company when there goes something wrong and I did and I'm very satisfied with their service. If you're in the market for a working vintage camera and are willing to pay for what you get, check them out.
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