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The Little Schools Of Father Bohnen (OPEPB) in Sité Soley

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+Ivan Akulov: I know what you mean and you are right. But:
If someone liked a photo, of course he doesn't mean that it is good, which describes the image.
this is nice but the terrible conditions in which we can not learn to appreciate things until we see those photos in which they are to observe that the people worse off than we are destroying the benches and chairs where the board would certainly be needed
and it is to live somewhere so somewhere in the back or do nothing that's just life in a world where. Thanks for the photos that give a lot in life and how to live in another world.
There's a lesson to be learned from this picture. That the limitation does not preclude a passion for learning. :)
Look at their eyes, they love knowledge & to study it.
its awesome. similar situation i have seen in public schools at my place. but i have seen kids who really want to learn and they work hard and be good people later on.
Kenji T
wonderful shot! so impressive.
Beeindruckend. Interessant, ansprechend und vor allem schön.
Great shot again. Felt sad but glad to find the kids working so hard in school.
These all all great shots. Thanks for sharing.
Печально,когда нет возможности получить нормальное образование,а кадр действительно яркий и хорошо передает ситуацию!
They are keen to learn:-)
Love the opposite leading lines. Human element also blows me away.
+angle duff: This is not true. This is a very good school for the conditions in Port-au-Prince. Teachers and students are very motivated - which also shows this photo.
Of course, you can not compare these classrooms with a school in a rich country. That would be very decadent. 
thanks for your pictures, let's me know more about the world. I think it just happen in my country !
This picture brings in so much perspective. Perfectly composed.
Как хорошо, что дети беднейшей страны Латинской Америки имеют возможность учиться. Они все очень стараются, хотя и живут, и учатся в нечеловеческих условиях. Какие молодцы! Пусть у них всё получится. Спасибо за такие  замечательные фотографии.
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