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Brevard County - Held there and a half meeting with Brevard County staff (8 people) and discussed all aspects of the Parcel Fabric.  They asked that we make minor revisions to the contract and resubmit it to them.  They will sign the contract with option 2 (We do the conversion) next week.
- The conversion will probably occur in April / May.

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Kodiak Island Borough - Testing the adjustments and rebuilding techniques on Kodiak Island Borough data as requested by Paul VanDyke.
- I notified Paul that taking existing mapped parcels and exporting out a cadastral xml and then bring it into  new parcel fabric is probably not the best solution.
- I will continue to work on this data to help develop best practices on how to handle this.

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Thinking about the ESRI Parcel Fabric?  Check out our new blog post.

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+Rand Fishkin gives a great explanation of why Google +, especially as it relates to one's public posts, can, and eventually will, become very important for any business in the very near future. This is probably one of the easiest ways to enhance our search rankings. The only question is how to expand our circles, whether personal or brand pages, and how to get our clients to follow us.
Check out +Rand Fishkin in the latest edition of Whiteboard+ - Why Every Marketer Now Needs to Employ a Google+ Strategy

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An interesting new feature of Google + allows you to trace how a post is shared. Try it.

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