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Frank Calberg
Inspiration to handle changes in life.
Inspiration to handle changes in life.

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How can we hack farming? #openfood
During the #openfood campaign and hackdays in Lausanne and Zürich in Switzerland, I heard / read / saw relatively little about people working on hacking / rethinking / improving farming. There was one initiative, though, that I found fascinating: OpenFarm, ...

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How do you use the Internet to combine food ingredients in new ways?
Did you know that chocolate and blue cheese share at least 73 flavour compounds? I learned that as I read this article  article in   which Barnaby Skinner shared on Slack  during the Open Food Hackdays . Reading this article, I also learned that ...

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Measurements can tell a story. What story will you tell?
Reflecting on the work #makezurich  participants did with different sensors and doing some research about why measurement is important, I stumbled upon this sentence here : Measurements can tell a story . I found the expression quite captivating. Why? For e...

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#openfood hackdays in Lausanne and Zürich
At the open food hackdays in Lausanne and Zürich on February 10th and 11th, more than 300 people with many different backgrounds will work on developing new solutions for a transparent, efficient and innovative food industry based on open data. To learn abo...

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Frank Calberg commented on a post on Blogger.
Interesting idea mentioned in this Zühlke blog posting: By installing sensors, trash cans / recycling stations can send notification when a pick up is needed.

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3 short stories from the #makezurich hackathon about how we learn
3 short stories from the #makezurich hackathon about how we learn: Story # 1 During the #makezurich hackathon, I had the possibility to chat a little with Pance and Phaki , who work for Netcetera   and whose ancestors come from Macedonia and Sri Lanka respe...

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How do we organize? Experiences from #makezurich
In this short video , you can get a little impression about how people participating at the #makezurich hackathon  worked. Both individually as well as in small groups of 2 to x people, they learned / developed / made things - s tanding up, sitting down in ...

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Many different languages were used at the #makezurich hackathon
Many different languages were used during the #makezurich hackathon last week. I heard people speaking with each other in English, German, Swiss German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Tamazight .  Listening to people, I learned that - in general - when peopl...

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Internet of Things means changes. How do you learn?
With the development of the Internet of Things, nearly every object you can imagine will be connected to the Internet . That means that, globally, billions of things will be connected to the Internet. In this posting , this posting , and this posting , I re...

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Measuring recycling using sensors
At a #makezurich event the other day at Impact Hub Zürich , I had a fascinating talk with a couple of people from India. They had some brilliant ideas, I think, related to recycling. I understood that they wanted to measure, for example, when containers at ...
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