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That conversation went differently then I expected... wow. Highly recommended.

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Dennis Koray from Cologne, Germany & Frank Bauer from Sydney, Australia talk about GetMyAds (GMA), their experiences, results and tips... simply the facts!

Join GMA at:

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Dennis Koray aus Köln, Deutschland & Frank Bauer aus Sydney, Australien sprechen über GetMyAds (GMA), Ihre Erfahrungen und Resultate... einfach nur die Fakten!

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This is something we (Internet Marketers) should seriously take to heart... no matter if we want to promote our own products, or if we are "just" the affiliate.  And no matter if we email our own list... or we use viral list mailers like  :)

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Really missed this in Google Chrome... now it's finally ready.  :)

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Just did the math... this will save me $169.41 per year in domain costs.  :)

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Good things to remember when we write our content posts...

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When we write content posts to help our members and train our affiliates... we target all 3 goals of content marketing! :)

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Great article that reminded me to continue to A/B Split Test using :)

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Will I see you in 4 hours & 10 minutes... ?
Expert Email Strategies That Won’t Burn Your List,  And Keep Your List Relationships Thriving and Engaged

Email marketing is stronger than ever, and remains the key method for maintaining and growing revenue streams. But in a world now focused heavily on trust, genuineness, and TRUE expertise, how do you ensure that email campaigns are interpreted and valued in a way that doesn’t turn everyone off?

Expertise is one thing but interacting with your list to create the win-win has many challenges, especially with the fickle nature of the online public, and the wariness that comes from too much hype exposure.

In this hangout I’m talking to ‘Viral’ expert +Frank Bauer  who runs multiple quality sites focused entirely on the process of exponential growth and word-of-mouse connection. With many years’ experience in email marketing and creating large volumes through his online expertise, Frank has the inside scoop on what works  today.

In this hangout you will discover how to:

•    Configure your email frequency - what’s too much or not enough

•    Compose your emails for a better open rate and read rate

•    Make sure that your emails are noticed and placed top-of-mind

And much more…..

Plug in to this hangout to obtain some massive tips on what to be doing in 2014 to make your email campaigns effective from one of the world’s top marketing experts.

Register here simply clicking “Yes”  and then set in your diary to ensure you plug in at the right time.
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