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Frank Accavitti
Educator, Writer, Leading Man
Educator, Writer, Leading Man

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Something as simple as Rock & Roll would save us all
Yesterday evening, my buddy Shawn invited me out to see his band, The Reissues, playing at The Old Miami in Cass Corridor. I've always wanted to shoot a show there, ever since I saw the music-inspired metal door, but this was the first time I'd ventured in....

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New Portfolio!
Hi all, Please take a moment to visit my new photography portfolio, with projects galore and more to come, at Thanks, Frank

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Boots in the Yard
I had a few pairs of boots that I didn't throw out when they were past their time, and decided to turn them into a project. Filled with dirt and plants, I wanted to set them up as a mini life-cycle. To make certain I captured things the exact same throughou...

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Washington State - Olympic National Park
This past March, my wife and I left our baby at home for the first time ever, and went to Olympic National Park. Why? Because that's who we are meant to be! Seriously. Atlas isn't ready for national parks just yet, but we needed one, and so West we went. Th...

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(Re)finding my passion
Hi there, you. It's been some time, and that's partially my fault. You see, my wife and I had a child just before the last post you saw here from me, and he has been most of our day ever since. I mean, just look at him: Now that's a baby! Anyway, as new par...

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Ben's Encore - Chili Cook-off Benanza!
The final Ben's Encore event of the year is the Chili Cook-off Benanza. Scholarships are awarded, volunteers are thanked, taste buds are scalded and we sing happy birthday to our late friend. The event was a delicious success, held at Dragonmead for the sec...

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Ben's Encore - Bennyfit!
There are many excuses for why you haven't seen posts from me lately, but I won't trouble you with them. Let's just go ahead and get things started with two posts about Ben's Encore, a simply fantastic organization that provides music lesson scholarships to...

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Mackinac Island!
Three weeks ago, for the first time in over fifteen years, I made it to Mackinac Island! I could regale you with the history (seriously, I could), but I will simply let the photos do the talking and then get back to work. It rained. Here's a person on a wal...

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Site changes and updates, as well as my feelings on that.
So, I've made a few changes, and more are coming. To begin with, the Instagram feed is gone from the sidebar, and I've taken that account to private. Why? For one, I stopped using it because I was never happy with the pictures. I've never been big on filter...

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First post to this community -- here's a shot where I stayed low in Sauble Beach, Ontario last month. 
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