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technology has no ethics, so it's our job to guide it through its dizzying evolution. and it's not going to be easy nor pretty.

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Ghostnote - Post-it-notes for your mac:

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Great speaker lineup, see it live.

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Startupers, that's an offer you won't get too often, form an orderly queue !
Cette année assistez gratuitement à la Startup compétition LeWeb le 10 dec building haussman ouvert venez!!/events/980194101994784

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disagree that adblockers should publish their rate cards and be totally open, they're private businesses in the end. But I agree that anybody in a ad-financed tech company should worry.
But otherwise a(nother) great piece of journalism, Frederic (@filloux)

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GamesGrabr just hit 60% of its funding target in 4 weeks. impressive, congrats Tony !

If you haven't seen them yet, now is a good time before it's too late., 'takes less than 1 minute and you can invest as little as £10

Imagine if you had done the same when Twitch, Mojang (Minecraft), Oculus Rift or Facebook just started.

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'love Games? You should love gamesGRABR.
it's been named the Pinterest for Gamers by the press, it's the world's largest social network where you can collate your favourite games, find others with the same taste and discover, play, learn and buy/rent/download.

If you like the sound of it, here’s your opportunity to own some of it too. The round's already 50% funded so go grab it while it lasts.
Their Crowdcube pitch can be see here
(disclosure: yes I have some shares - tiny- )

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and THEY don't even have the excuse that they're offering services for free so needs better ads to make money. Just another monopoly abusing gullible users' trust. Shame. I'll welcome the others who just deliver cabs, and don't suck my entire life's data.
No, I don't 'need a deep, meaningful, engaged relationship' UBER. I don't.

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