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Francois-Guillaume Ribreau
I discover/share/learn/code/do.
I discover/share/learn/code/do.

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Validate Gitlab .gitlab-ci.yml one-liner
Who does not fight everyday to follow the least surprise/astonishment principle ? I know I do and my last issue was related with Gitlab-CI. I had to wait after each git push to discover if my .gitlab-ci.yml file was valid or not. As usual, automation is the...

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docker-compose watch (a-k-a docker-compose reload) one-liner
Even if I did see docker-compose sometimes misused... "When you use the wrong abstraction" :O — François-G. Ribreau (@FGRibreau) February 23, 2017 ... I do find it useful when developing locally on some projects. But I can't bear ...

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Merging RedisWeekly into RedisWatch
I'm copy/pasting here the email sent to RedisWeekly subscribers for archiving purpose. What a long way since the first issue of RedisWeekly the 16th of August 2013! As you may have seen from the past weeks, I was not able to send you weekly doses of Redis n...

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Continuous Deployment with Gitlab, Gitlab-CI and CleverCloud
Recent events  besides, Gitlab and Gitlab-CI is a great integrated forge for software development. I recently decided to migrate Image-Charts on it as well as the soon-to-be-announced-new-SaaS from the old Bitbucket, Jenkins workflow. As a side note, Jenkin...

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Mon opération laser des yeux (LASIK) sur Nantes
Contexte (~2 mois avant l'opération) Cela faisait plusieurs années que je réfléchissais à l'opération laser des yeux pour enfin ne plus avoir à porter de lunettes. L'opération me correspondait à la fois par principe et à la fois par besoin réel. Le besoin r...

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How to issue and renew Let's Encrypt certificates with OVH DNS API First thing first, download and install . Create OVH Application Open . How to issue a Let's Encrypt free SSL certificate # application key
# application secret
export OVH_AS=...

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How we reduced by 37% our NodeJS project build time with one line
For Image-Charts , Redsmin and the-to-be-announced-next-SaaS I use Jenkins as the continuous integration system. Lately I discovered that 75% of Image-Charts project build time was related to the dependencies installation part. I don't like and do not advis...

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How to test Rust projects on CircleCI (one-liner with Docker)
I'm currently adding Rust support to MailChecker thus I had to run the Rust generated project tests on CircleCI. At the time of writing, CircleCI does not support Rust and Rustup setup had an issue with CircleCI. I just wanted to find the easiest way to use...

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[Fr] Le Prophète en 22 extraits
Le Prophète est un livre du poète libanais Khalil Gibran (1883-1931) publié en 1923 en anglais et qui est devenu un immense succès international traduit dans plus de quarante langues. L’ouvrage combine les sources orientales et occidentales du mysticisme et...

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