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Francois Fourie

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A Shelter from the cold 

On top of Cradle Mountain you will find this newly renovated hut, to serve as emergency shelter from the harsh weather.  But it's such a cool place, you can hardly blame people for camping out in it whenever they can.
I came here to get a good shot of the hut with stars and possibly Aurora behind it. The hut was already occupied by 3 tourists from Taiwan, so I just setup my tent close by, and proceeded to take lots of pictures throughout  the freezing night.  I hope they didn't mind the constant clicking of my camera around the hut.  
I did stick my head in at one point ask if they could please turn their headlamps on, and wave them about so I can get a shot with the hut lit from the inside. (Who goes to sleep at 8pm anyway?) 
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Very cool! Love the stars!
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Francois Fourie

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What does it take to get the shot?

Well, that depends on a lot really, doesn't it? Sometimes you just have to pull over on the side of the road, or lift your camera. Other times it takes a bit more work and planning.
For this particular shot it took some work. Ever since I first saw a picture of this hut, I knew I wanted a picture of it, with stars behind.
This is Kitchen Hut, atop Cradle Mountain, that iconic mountain in the middle of Tasmania. To get here took me a few hours drive, and I arrived at the car park just on sunset. From there it's about a 2 hour walk to the location of this hut. And it was rather cold too, well, below 0 C anyway. So there I was, with my tent in backpack, two cameras and tripods, hiking up a mountain in the dark. The moon was at 90% which helped my site, but not the starry night, so I had to wait until after 3am for the moon to set and the stars to come out and play. The idea was to get up there, and get a shot of the Aurora from the top, but unfortunately there was just too much fog and low cloud around during the time of the Aurora. I had to settle for a moonlight landscape, and later this starry scene

This picture was taken with my Nikon D800 and iced up Nikon 14-24mm, @ f/2.8, with ISO 3200 and a 25sec exposure. It is actually a panorama of 6 images, shot in horizontal, from bottom to top. The bands of colour you see in the sky is Airglow, and if you are wondering what the two white marks are on the left of screen, those are the small and large Megellannic clouds, only visible in the Southern Hemisphere. Oh, and there was quite a few meteoroids around too.

I encourage you to view this full screen, and if you would like, you can actually purchase this print which is now on my website here.

I hope you enjoy this picture as much as I did taking it.
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beautiful....appreciate this pic
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Francois Fourie

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I found this tree along the side of the road one day while driving around, looking for trees along the side of the road to photograph. As soon as I saw this tree, along the side of the road, I knew I had to stop and photograph it. I only had to wait around for a little while for the sun to dip and that golden colour to start appearing.

If you like this photo, you can download it to use as your desktop wallpaper, or if you want, you can buy a print of it from my website here: , and hang it on your wall. Up to you.
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Oh what a beautiful evening.

Every Friday and every Sunday I go for a long drive up through the middle of Tasmania. I hate the reasons for having to do the drive, but I do love the beautiful scenery along the way. Now that winter is approaching, the sun is setting sooner and sooner, so I get to witness the light as it's changing. It's always nice to stop and appreciate.

You can purchase this print from my website:

Have a nice day.
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Wow! Gorgeous shot!
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Francois Fourie

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I couldn't go anywhere epic today, so I just got onto my belly in the grass...that was fun too.

This photo was taken with my very fancy Nikon D800, and the not so very fancy kenko extension tubes and nifty 50mm f/1.8.
I used a Nikon speedlight with a $5 diffuser (see waterdrop) to give enough light for the 1/250sec f/13 exposure.
Some basic editing was done in Lightroom. (Mainly to remove those pesky dust spots all over my sensor)
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Naturally outstanding!
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Liffey Falls under a full moon.

For a while now I've been trying to get a picture of a waterfall with a nice starry backdtop, but it's not that easy. I'm yet a find a nice waterfall with clear skies above, as most of them seem to be within the forest.

I ventured to Liffey Falls in Tasmania's North on the weekend, and was greeted by this scene. I had my calculations wrong, so the moon didn't go where I expected it to (lighting up the waterfall) There was also a lot of fast moving low cloud/fog about, but I'm still happy I made the effort. I'll keep trying until I get the shot I'm after. :-)
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Great shot! I know you'll get what you're after eventually.
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Francois Fourie

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Hey, It's Waterfall Wednesday!
This is Liffey Falls, In Tasmania's North, what a place.
I have so many great photos to share from the past weekend, and it is a real joy going through the photos, especially when I find gems like this one.
This photo was processed in Lightroom using a single RAW file from my Nikon D800. I hope you like it. I do.
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Steve and I have seriously considered moving there... the North West is our heaven!
I will get there again one day +Francois Fourie! 
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a Typical Tasmanian scene

Clouds, Sunset colours, and some trees.
I encourage you to click on the photo, and see it in full screen detail.

This photo and the rest of collection is now available on my website here:
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beautiful scene +Francois Fourie
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Francois Fourie

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Running like a mad man

I have a few photos to share from the past weekend.  It all started on Friday afternoon. The sky was full of rain clouds, and just on sunset there was a clearing in the clouds for the sun to poke through and light up the foreground and reveal the rainbow.  These cows looked at me like I was some crazy dude, because I kept running back and forth over the road, to try and catch that few moments of magical light both into the sun, and towards the rainbow.  I will share some more rainbows and other images over the next few days...I might even have the odd starry shot and waterfall somewhere.

You can purchase this print from my website here.
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Amazing rainbow!
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Francois Fourie

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Sunset over the River Derwent and Mt Wellington in Hobart

I am so blessed to live where I do. This is the view I get every evening, and tonight was quite a show again. 

This image is a panorama of 8 photos stitched together in PS. I then processed in Lightroom.
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Nice and simple. Dig it.
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One day I would love to pack my gear, and just hit the road on a week/month/year/life long adventure, taking pictures and visiting places I havent been to before
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