Alexander Dubček in Bratislava.

I was not going to Bratislava, his home town, without paying my respect to Alexander Dubček, a hero of my youth of Prag Spring fame (5 January - 21 August 1968).

But there is no museum or library (more likely to be found in Prag). His former house is now the Lesotho embassy, I've been told. And locals I asked were not really aware of where his statue is: in front of the national Parliament, on a piazza dedicated to him.

Dubček was indeed a "Slovak statesman", but of course much more than that. He got a sweet revenge with the fall of communism and the Velvet Revolution, becoming the Speaker of the Federal Parliament with Václav Havel as President of Czechoslovakia (28-29 December 1989).
Mémorial Alexandre Dubcek à Bratislava
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