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Here's a screenshot of what will look like rich notifications in Google Chrome OS. 

EDIT: Here's the URL to create your own custom notifications desktop notification api | dev

And nope, I don't know yet what is the last app pinned to the launcher ;)
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I wonder if that is the merged talk/hangout/messenger :P 
My guess is, merger talk/hangout/messenger on desktop isn't going to happen until we have webRTC ready for prime time. And we saw that glimpse today from Chrome& Firefox.
I like how G+ notifications are getting pulled out of the extension and used in the new style.
Looks very similar to Google Now cards. I noticed the missed call and um wondering if the fabled GVoice+Hangouts+GTalk+Messenger merge may be happening soon :-)
I really hope it's not just a desktop version of Google+Messanger. It would be great if you unified Talk & SMS with it.
+Rajesh Handa well webrtc cannot go primetime because microsoft and apple are not going to support it. 
This is the most exciting news of the day for me. Awesome find! 
Well Microsoft has totally different standard of webRTC in works as usual. But I don't think any other reason for such a long delay in implementing unified communication system.
+Sushubh Mittal : WebRTC will revolutionize internet communication regardless of what those too dead aging companies decide to support.
+Greg Miernicki Just like WebM revolutionized video on the web? It really does not work like that. 
A unified messenger is BADLY needed, please let this be a first sign of this mythical beast! All these absolutely terrible apps like whatsapp, sms charges in the billions, multiple chat programs from Google itself, fb messenger... Google could strike them down in one single blow by providing an iMessage like app and service.
I wouldn't say that WebRTC is similar to a single video codec. However, I've been following WebRTC for more than 2 years now and its amazing how much momentum is gaining across the entire communication industry. OSX and Windows are becoming less and less relevant by the day, so  what I meant is: it really doesn't matter what those two OS's do or do not support.
The color palette used for that icon speaks for-- wait why is a SWAT team coming in hereOHGOD-----

Wouldn't WebRTC work great on every platform because Chrome is there? Be a great hook to get every one using Chrome.
Will this be incorporated into the Chrome browser or just the OS?  It'd be nice if they merged the OS desktop and the frankly useless new tab screen.  I really want it to be interesting, but it's wasted space which could be better filled by other things (for example. a notification center).
+Manuel Mas at last! Integrated messaging on Google Services. A problem that never should have occurred will be fixed.

Now +François Beaufort don't make me look bad. Poor +Manuel Mas has been asking for this since what seems like forever. Thanks for the preview, those notifications look very nice. 
The last icon is probably a set of Google Drive folders... Nothing to be excited about.... 
Another reason to buy a Chromebook
last icon pinned - APPS just like Android phone ;p
Please let me have this on Desktop Chrome, I'm sorry that I need a non-chromebook for class :(. Plz based god
That looks really nice. I have to say, I'm loving the new "Google-style" - its a far cry from their earlier days!
Cool but can it play MKV video files? What about XVid? No? F this thing! 
Last pinned app clearly shows some speech bubbles. Hopefully it is the integration of all the messaging services Google has. Can't wait. 
Android and Chrome Os...merge all teh things!!!!
Y'all need to get on BB. They have a unified communications platform in BB10!
Anyone who didn't/doesn't think a unified Inbox for SMS/IM/Mail/voice was coming in the next Android version must be smoking something. (Google physically cannot miss this) Now please crank it up to level 10 by offering VoIP native in Gvoice (I'd pay $10 month for unlimited high end codec) and allowing this all to sync between chrome OS, Android phones and tablets.
I bet it's unified messaging. IT HAS TO BE UNIFIED GOOGLE MESSAGER! THERE IS A GOD!!!!
+François Beaufort 
A bit off topic, but— what happened to the Panel UI? Always on top but easily collapsed windows docked to an edge of the screen seemed a pretty fair solution for notifications and a few other use cases, but the idea seemed to disappear when Aura was introduced.
I don't seem to have them, even though I enabled it under flags. Hmm...
Here is something to think about:

WHAT IF, Google indeed offered this unified communication system in chrome browser, chrome OS & android but with a Google twist?

TWIST: Not only it allows free messages amongst android users, Also free calling amongst all android users and anybody who uses chrome, meaning this communication app in browser? All over VOIP?

What if your gmail id gets attached to your primary phone number?

+Rajesh Handa I think that would be fun. Phone numbers are way outdated. You mean I have to remember 10 arbitrary digits? What? Using a human readable and meaningful ID is much better, and would work exactly the same. No one should have to care about what device you are on and what method to use to contact you.
+Kiril Vatev I am just saying EITHER/OR. If you are calling somebody for VERY first time, and you got his number from someone.

And he is using android and you are calling him from your android device, that call would be over VOIP.

And it will be all seamless, like iMessage does for sms.
+Rajesh Handa Nah, you are making it too complicated. We don't need phone numbers anymore. Google already has the structure with circles and whatnot... now if everyone would just agree to get a new phone...
For those that want the notification center on Windows it's on Chrome Dev now however it's not as finished as it's Chrome OS counterpart.
Eric B
What you up to
+Ron Amadeo if you have chrome beta for windows type chrome://flags and scroll all the way down and enable rich notifications.
Chrome OS doesn't look too shabby
I think now we know what the new Chrome Android statue means :P
I hope somehow it is integrated with SMS. 
I can confirm this, expect big changes in less than 2 week. ;)
Definitely haven't seen this on my chromebook today. Has it been released?
go to chrome://flags scroll all the way to bottom, enable rich notifications. Hasnt worked for me though. And im on the latest Beta of Chrome for Windows. I blame Windows.
That last icon looks like an app drawerish thingee 
The last app is the unified messaging system across Google services.
Business looks like its picking up fast ! Allen Keller company . 
I saw which one you were talking about +Ayman Suleiman I thought they were talking about the one after that....I was thinking ''duh, doesn't anybody know what an app drawer icon looks like'' lol
If that pulls in SMS messages as well, I might faint.
Not to be a downer or anything, but +Ron Amadeo of Android Police is gonna freak out about the height of that icon. LOL.
+Larry Lima Jr.  LOL I already complained about it in AP's internal chat. I believe my exact words were "That icon is stupid."
Plus'd 1 only because it made it 666...
Looks a little boring... but clean.
that looks really really good.  congratulations!
Looks like Mac OSX notifications. Very innovative Google. 
God bless you people who actually have money for this stuff. This 386 at the library is still pretty cool right?
+Ed Mekhitarian, if these look like Mac notifications to you, remember that Android had notifications before Apple copied them for iOS and then MacOS. The lack of innovation here is not Google's ...
+Ed Mekhitarian Actually looks like Google Now...I have Mountain Lion, and they look almost nothing alike, except that they both happen to be on the right side of the screen.
I use voice & talk often, I hope they don't ruin that.
Google UI Designers really know what they're doing
Oh you are right :) I accidentally did the one to the community :P
It seems they need a fallback for old style notifications so that they don't just show up blank in the notification center but I'm sure they've got that figured out.
I just updated my Chromebook and I have this. Is this only for G+ Notifications and calls with Google talk? 
+Shant Kelian it's a whole new Notifications API so basically any app that you install can use it if they choose to implement it into their app/extension.
+Matthew Garbett Oo, I see. What use it currently? I'm playing around with it and I just enabled Rich Notifications, was I supposed to? 
It's probably more useful on Chrome OS I'm not sure how far implemented it all is with Google+ and all the other stuff on Chrome OS since I'm running it on Windows.
+Matthew Garbett Ah, I see. Just a last question, was I supposed to enable Rich Notifications or should I disable it again? 
+Matthew Garbett Oo, I see. I'll leave it on and see what kind of notifications I get. Hopefully it works out and I'm really hoping the next Android update brings us a unified messaging system! 
+Shant Kelian Yeah me too. I'm messing around with the notifications making my own with this test extension I found I can't seem to find out how to add a picture to the notification though :(
fede ra
same as blackberry hub...nice shot google :)
I guess pictures just don't work on the Windows version yet.
Sores A
how we can install chrome os from usb to desktop ? 
I had a idea  like that  a while back for a competitor of BBM, Google talk, plus, voice, g messenger etc.. a good app for video chat, messaging, blogging, emailing, international calling, video conferencing, all in one app, smashing idea. a good name for it would be "GoogleLive" 
+Andy Liu
While the Skype application isn't available the service itself is. You need to add the IMO Messenger app and sign in to your Skype account
Hope this helps you!!!!!
I wish google would stop toying around and build a direct Windows competitor. Microsoft keeps leaving itself open with it's Vista failure and now it's Windows 8 fiasco. Seize the opportunity, Google!
That's what i love about Google Chrome OS. It's just getting better and better. That is great. I am excepting a great OS in may at Google I/O with a new Chromebook which is also great :)
What is the symbol between the time and the sound? Is it something like a system update? And it's interesting but this picture does also prove a third thing... and that is that if you open one of the programs in the taskbar it won't open a new tab in the taskbar if it is already pinned there (like in windows 7) and i think it's great! we see all 4 programs except of mail open but minimized...
Should do this for Windows, Android, iOS, BB, MAC, Chrome and others OS. No more Whatsapp please!
Google can be the future of communications...
I updated my Chromebook yesterday, like I mentioned above.  I got two notifications in my Google Plus account but my message center did not show anything. Also, it did not show any of my emails or anything like that. Is there  something I am missing or doing wrong? Or is it just not implemented fully? 
+Mehmed Paşa It's the icon that shows that your update has been downloaded and you have to restart to install the update.
If you have the Mighty Text Extension you receive SMS from your Android Phone and they will show up in this notification panel. I tried it and it works great. But mails or calendar create no rich notification (yet?)
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