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Google Chrome Team is working on identifying tabs that play audio in order to exclude them from the list of tabs to discard when memory runs out.

In a first step, they've added a small indicator on top of the tab favicon to tell when a tab is actually playing audio.
Youtube video work only if you joined the HTML5 trial at

You can already see it in the last chromium build (
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This is really awesome. Quickly identifying which tab is making noise is always a pain when you have many open, especially when it's many youtube tabs for example. Hopefully this comes to Chrome soon. 
Just yesterday I was struggled with finding the tab that was making noise.
Perhaps this identification feature could be extended to allow independent volume control of tabs?
This just happened to me about 7 seconds ago.
Is discarding tabs automatic or do you need to set it on?
Are there any options to disable/enable tab discarding for handling low mem situation? I didn't see it.
I love that idea :) next step controlling any activity (ajax, websockets, audio and so on) on any tab
+Andrew Huskinson It is automatic but you can disable it in flags, but you would need to setup zRAM to prevent meltdown.

+François Beaufort This is great but needs to be extended to tabs with unsaved content, don't you think?
+Mike McLoughlin I am running the default process per tab and I have never had a tab close on me.  2GB of memory. Just been trying to go to -single-process but it crashes, maybe as I have 22 tabs in a Closed instance it is trying to re-open.
Chrome is such a memory / processor hog on the mac. Only time my fan ever goes on is with chrome. That should not be with a browser. DELETE. 
Nice... if they find a way to automaticaly pause Google play Music when watching a video, I'm sold.
+Gaétan Penotet That's the kind of thing that should work below the browser layer. e.g. this kind of functionality is already built into +PulseAudio on Linux with the module-role-cork module. All it needs is proper metadata from the streams that are playing. Get the metadata right and the rest is already there (this is the same thing we currently use to automatically pause e.g. RhythmBox or Amarok (music players) when a Skype (or other VoIP) call comes in). I've been speaking to the Firefox guys about the same kind of thing recently to ensure they get as much metadata to the audio layer as possible such that policy can be implemented properly and websites and local applications seamlessly work the same!)
I noticed that on Google+ actually. When I reload the favicon freaks out like that for about 30 seconds. Pretty cool!
After this feature came to be, my Chromium started hanging frequently. Alas, I am not sure if this feature is at fault, but some big change has to be the reason.
Awesome update, I really like how the Spotify website shows this and would love to see the timer come to YouTube and Google Music tabs.
i dont think that the feature of "discarding tabs and their memory" work on linux google chrome as of version 26.0.1410.12 dev.I say so because on my linux box, with 2 GB RAM, i need to manually close few tabs so that i can rescue myself from my system's death when chrome eats all of my RAM. Or am i missing any flags that i need to enable this specifically..? +François Beaufort 
+François Beaufort au fait qu'en pense les PR de Google de toutes les retombées médiatiques engendrées par ton travail? C'est un peu du pain béni pour Google :) Faudrait qu'on s'organise une soirée GDG Paris autour de chromium(OS) par ailleurs !
Ok, now available in Canary.
I wish the animation was more fluid...
Also it takes a while to stop when the stream is paused, and is displayed even if the stream is actually muted.
But that's just the beginning, and I am sure it will be great.
Je voulais y passer mais je serai au lancement du Camping S04 dans les locaux de Google Paris. Tu y es déjà allé?
Je te mail pour la soirée, mais ce serait pas avant mai/juin je pense (mars: Android et Avril:pre-Devoxx+devoxx).
Are those real-time level meters, or is it just a stock animation?
Some other things Google needs to do with this ASAP:
- Allow us to mute tabs.
- Allow us the option to auto-mute all tabs except the foreground one.
- Allow us to mark certain tabs (or URL's... think Pandora) which wouldn't get auto-muted when we tabbed away from them.
If html5 for youtube is required, does that mean it can't identify audio coming from flash?
i really need to figure out how to disable this  !!!! at least the animation. its distracting me while i read textbook in web. peripheral movement !!! ill just have to separate window .. blasted canary<3
I blame the person in my circles who was loudly suggesting that Google make a way to find noisy tabs a couple of days ago. 
+François Beaufort Will that feature be available by chrome API? If so, or already is in canary/chromium, can you give any more info on that?
Will you post update here when you'll know sth more on that? Or should I rather check it periodically myself?

Thanks for a really quick answer!
Any recent update on this? I'd be willing to download and run a nightly build.
in the latest dev build on chrome os this feature seems to have disappeared.
I was really looking forward to this - did it get dropped, or will we see it any time soon?
It is really about time, this feature has been desperately needed for years already. I can't imagine that it could take this long to implement though?...
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