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Google Now is behind an eponymous flag in chrome://flags in the last Chromium build (

Sadly, we still can't play with it yet because the Google Now server URL still remains secret.
If you know it though, all you have to do is set
localStorage['server_url'] = ''; in the background page.

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Sweet! I don't see the extension listed on my list after I enable it though.
Oooh. So it's gonna be built-in to Chrome or be available as an installable Chrome extension?
Looks like somebody had a keyboard seizure while typing the ID
Awesome!! That's why I love Google Chrome than IE, there will be something new in every version, not only bug fixes. Damn love it. :)
It's behind another switch called --show-component-extension-options
Could one run a packet sniffer on a network with an android tablet that  then navigates to Google Now and just use that IP?
It's because the rich notifications are only for Win and CrOs at this moment. 
Since enabling the rich notifications in the later dev builds, I'm really anticipating full Google Now integration. I mean, the new rich notifications already looks like the Google Now card UI.

Also, I'll say what I always say with these features... When Apple adds new features, they restrict them to the latest hardware in an effort to force its userbase to buy new devices again. When Google adds new features, it adds them to as many venues as it can. Siri (not that anyone even uses it anymore) is still locked to iPhones. Google Now is about to become available to everyone.
+Alfonso Surroca Siri is now on iphone, ipods, and ipads(all the latest models of each) but I see your point. 

It's smarter to tie it to a software version than a hardware version.
Google Now Windows, Chrome OS
Enable Google Now notifications support.
Sorry, this experiment is not available on your platform.

Damn it OSX!
If Google Now coming to Chrome in May at Google I/O so should I buy a chromebook.
Is the Google Now URL not  Thats what packet  sniffing seems to bring back.

Some people had have been having firewall issues with Google Now on XDA and drew some similar conclusions
Wasn't sure what is was or if that would even work but wanted to suggest it just in case.
I would think that it's a different server for PC and also that it can tell by the Google Account on Chrome if you're authorized to use it or not.
My imagination is this:
next android[5.0] will be mirrored to chromebooks:
a> for touch devices like can be used by touch input
b> for low end chromebooks, android can be controlled with gestures through trackpad:)
c>devs may port to other notebooks:)
It's also in chrome://flags in the latest Canary build. (27.0.1438.0) 

I don't see the Extension that +François Beaufort has in his screenshot above, but when I look at the Notifications settings list, it does show Google Now as one of the checked options.
Can't help but chuckle at the fact that while Google has all but banned Windows use internally, all of Chrome's most useful features premiere on that OS.
Is it that hard to believe? If you want fast adoption, you go with the broadest audience...which is windows. 
Matthew or Francois, re: --show-component-extension-options how do I access this?
Thanks Matthew. Still isn't working for me, I will try flipping some more flags
Arrived in canary,after enabling the flag checked the permissions ie. can acess your data on all websites,physical location etc....
Ok, the code site said that the server must be manually entered.  has anyone figured out what the server is.
As far as I know no one has figured it out but like I said even if they did Google's Server would have to authenticate your login with your Google account probably and it would fail because you're not authorized to use it. This is just my theory of course.
how do I get behind that --show-component-extension-options i am a bit confused on that
+Mike Corbett You have to use it as a command line flag using a shortcut or launching it from a cmd window.
LOL I thought the whole point was that he was able to get inside even more lol.
I posted a popup from Google Now I just got when starting the latest Chromium lol.
BTW,notifications for Gmail  in google now are the only ones showing up in chrome dev...............................
Ironically I've never seen one for Gmail yet. Although I did see one for the Extension Updater Notification app the other day.
Mostly all my notifications are just blank right now I think they are in the final phases of getting it so that it's actually usable and developers will have to update their apps to properly use it.
IMO,they will show notifications only for  google services.....
+suneo nobi The notification center will have an API that lets any website or extension show notifications with proper permissions.
Well it should be in the latest stable version of Chrome 26 under a flag but because I run Chrome Dev I can't check that lol.
One cannot sacrifice dev build to stable one,because it is like downgrading chrome version and it will be hard to track latest updates :)
I'm also hoping they ditch the current download center and integrate downloads into the notification center because I hate the download bar it's so annoying.
yes,I wish so;the main irritance in chrome is Enable Instant extended API flag which is very confusing,which changes the focus of the search bar.....
You mean you don't like the new tab page form the Instant Extended API or what?
yes indeed,the normal new tab page was way better;I disabled the flag,but it switches back after relaunching chrome
+suneo nobi From what I understand the Instant Extended API is the new default but they are going to add on to it and make it better I'm sure I mean Recently Close and Other devices is just missing at this point lol.
+François Beaufort This had to be run on th command line for chrome or is it another "flag" options? Mine is in spanish and i can't find it in "Flags"
Look for "Google Now" in chrome://flags and make sure you're not on Stable channel.
Morever, you won't be able to have Google Now working ;)
I still cant get this to work in my dev build. I have even run it with --show-component-extension-options
This will end up like iGoogle.. where if you have a Google Account you can set your home page as Google Now or just have normal Google.. I know what I would choose..

That would be amazing though.. Having all of my cards available to me with all of that information - on the home page..
I have the notifications anywhere ext installed and today  I got a pop up window saying something about Google Now... Not sure what prompted it
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