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This "concept" may be the upcoming Google Link.

All I know is that the device is actually tested at Google right now.
It has a 4 Millions Pixels 4k Screen (2560 x 1700 = 4352000) and touch capabilities.

EDIT: Our all servers were attacked by hackers, and we apologize for the fact that many projects have been shown previously ! ! ! from +Victor Koch Slinky.Me CEO.

EDIT 2: Video has been removed. But here's a small gift:

EDIT 3: Video's back thanks to +Android Authority . See

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hmm, if they bring it in @200-300- I could see it being pretty compelling.
+William Brine ;-) that's what i thought: "hmkay, but you have to make it real cheap, but i guess it won't happen.
plus: i want a 15" or 14" screen, no smaller one please :-)
The guy shounds a little bit like Shean Connery. Yesh.
Awesome! looks really promising.
Call me crazy but without sound, I would have considered this as a MacBook commercial. 
I am not even sure what is the utility. The web is not optimized for 4K displays. Everything would be either too small or too blurry. Retina has already created enough problems for web developers. 4K on a 15" display? Seriously? :\ I am not so sure. 
Its possible. He says 4M pixels not 4K sorry. Thats a Nexus 10 Screen on a Chromebook
+François Beaufort That's not what "4K" means.  You measured ~4.3 megapixels.  4K is 3840×2160, which is ~8.3MP.

Still exciting, though!
I'm so confused. Is this something that someone unaffiliated with Google created based on rumors? Or is this a leaked video?
At least now we know why Chrome is getting spaced out context menus. :D They are preparing for touchscreen Chromebooks! I doubt they would have done it for Windows 8 based touch enabled laptops :P 
I might sound dumb (and that's fine) but how do you know that  4K is 3840×2160?
Can you say Chromebook Pro? As for the web not being optimized for such high density screens, I say baloney. Imagine living in a Google Fiber city and having one of these. 

All I can say is that I would love it if this is a real product and if Google wants to pilot it by sending free machines to those of us who still use our cr-48 machines. That would be a kick. 

Where do I sign up?!
Ooooops. I wrote 4K when I was thinking 4 Millions. My bad!
It's not a 4K Screen! I'll edit post! Thanks +Jeff Craig!
So, where is this video originally from? 
so with 4 million pixels, the display resolution that fits that many pixels would be WQXGA which is 2560x1600, which equates to 4,096,000 pixels
for those who are unaware of aspect ratios, the WQXGA resolution is an 8:5 (16:10) ratio.  if they stuck to a 16:9 ratio though, then it would have to be WQHD, which is 2560x1440 (3,686,400 pixels)
Retina displays, Cretina displays, who cares. Just give me a device that can outlast a long train trip while using 3G or 4G with an active GPS uplink and I'm a happy puppy. I don't care about high resolution if it can't stay in use for over 2-3 hours.
The design of this Chomebook conception looks like a Sony VAIO.
And it's gone? 
well if it's gone then I would estimate that it's safe to say it was the chromebook made by google that will be announced either soon or at I/O
oop, he updated the post with the resolution, which is a weird 128:85 aspect ratio (if he listed it there in the beginning i apologize for my blindness lol)
Did somebody save the video? Is there a mirror? 
+Victor Koch did the hackers upload it to your youtube account or was it already nestled there and set to private?
They hacked our server where we keep many of the materials and they took information about our projects and also slinkys development/Stuff
+Victor Koch so they then logged into your youtube account and either uploaded the video or changed the already uploaded video from private to public? 
+Andrew Banchich They also hacked our youtube account ! We dont have acces now. Right now we workin on it.
+Victor Koch and then provided the information for +François Beaufort (who works on chrome) to post it?  Sorry if I'm being over inquisitive here, but I just want to get the whole picture.
+Andrew Banchich what he's saying is that they also got into his youtube account and set the video to public, and then google/youtube removed the video.

What I find fishy about this though is that the video was posted by one of the people at google working on Chrome, who knew a bunch about it.  Did the hackers message him and tell him to post the video on G+?
+Victor Koch being as you are working on a project for google directly, are you not using 2 factor authentication for your google/youtube account?
Please no comments ! We working on defence from hackers and figure out how it was ! Please re-share information......... 
+Andrew Banchich if he doesn't work for google, he definitely works with them.  He posts insider information on new features and updates to the chrome OS before they're released for canary.
so he was hacked, and this information wasn't "supposed" to be leaked, but he's asking us to reshare it and spread the word.  Does it smell like trout in here or is it just me?
+Andrew Banchich as far as who removed it, the video itself states that it was removed by google due to TOS violation.
+Andrew Wickham I dont have right now time for talking.  we're trying to figure out all the situations of hacking
There's a story here for the journos to work on for sure!
+Victor Koch why are you bothering to make comments here if you're in the middle of a crisis?
+Andrew Banchich also, if you do a google search for francois' email he is listed as a chromium author (i know it's open source and all, but the listing doesn't have hundreds of names, only like 40-50 total authors)
And now another french guy leaks the video again... really weird..... :P
+Andrew Banchich at the moment we don't know anything for certain.  Certainly your conjecture is more than possible. And BTW, my earlier comment was just a loaded question.

+Nicolas Charbonnier you're a bad boy!  Thanks!
Just leave me your password then and I'll check your email ;)
I seriously missed out on seeing the bid by seconds. 
+Nicolas Charbonnier  That's not fair.. Why the are just doing this thing.. This may be a extreme secret.. & Google might change its name before presenting it to market.. remember.. Before "Google+" its leaked name was "Google Me"
It looks like Google's pushing forward very hard on every front. Mobile, laptops, tablets, social, web browser & Artificial Intelligence.
And it's slowly winning on those fronts.
Google IO 2013 is going to be stellar !
Just noticed +Sergey Brin (who was tagged in +Victor Koch's  "we were hacked" post) last posted a few weeks ago about jellyfish. Just like the jellyfish that appeared in the "leaked" video. Coincidence?
that's a pretty good commercial.  I think it is interesting how google is bragging about their design chops.
I don't know why people get so excited about laptops!  Blech!  Bad form factor- talk to your doctor people.  Horrible for your back- horrible.

And who ever came up with this idea that you should touch your screen!????  I hate it when someone touches my screen!

My phone with it's small surface area is easily wiped, but please, don't touch my monitor or laptop screen!

I just don't get it.  And I'm speaking from actually having tried all these things.  The concepts are bad and the implementations even worse.

Whereas a fanless, high powered, mongo memory ChromeBOX.... now that idea gets me excited.


The Grouchy Dinosaur, who finds nothing has improved upon a good old fashioned keyboard, mouse, and monitor!

I like a laptop for casual browsing, composition, and internet content consumption.  I like having a real keyboard but the super lightweight portability of my cr-48.  

It's perfect for my needs.
One thing that is strange in this video is that the screen seems to have a 4/3 ratio which is pretty uncommon these days....
I just got chills running down my back. This needs to become reality.
Yes nexus is a synonym of link so that's even more evidence that this could be true.
+Nuno Maia so if it is real, it's pretty old.

I'm hoping it looks much more like a Cr-48 when we actually see it, possibly at I/O. Although, I have heard rumours that there's going to be a Chrome OS event this month...
Looks pretty awesome might get it 
Is that a Thunderbolt port I see?

About the battery life, the screen resolution is about the same than the Nexus 10. So it's all about the whole config. If it is designed like an ultrabook, then it could last 7 hours.

I'm a little bit disappointed by the fact that it doesn't seem to be a transformer-like device. However, if it is a 13" screen as rumoured, I would say that touch is a nice option, just to compete with Surface Pro.

What if the screen is actually a Nexus 10 in disguise? What if it's a convertible laptop that runs Android as a tablet and Chrome OS when docked?
+Sushubh Mittal Back in 2010, Google shared Chrome UI sketches that were optimized for touch. At least some people at Google must've been thinking about this for a while!
God please let this be true.
I hardly see it at less than 700$, which is the minimum for the ultrabook category.
Interesting... on the side of it in the video is a Thunderbolt port, next to the USB ports.
Spock narrated the video - It would be illogical to have Spock narrate a hoax.
shut up and take my money.
i'd gladly pay $1k for this, assuming I could load Windows 8 Pro on it and not be limited to dicking around with some Lunix abortion.
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