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Play Music Chrome App simply works without having the Play Music Website opened now. Yes, simply run it and click on "I'm feeling lucky radio". That's all!

Go give it a try by installing it at if it's not already done yet.
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Now they need to +Songza​ categories instead of just "feeling lucky" radio... 
A very nice addition, but I can't wait for it to do more than "I feel lucky." Being able to execute playlists, or pull anything from my library would be a dream come true.
This app should be minimized when clicking on it's taskbar button while it is on focus.
And I am feeling lucky is nice, but a quick access to playlists would be necessary.
Downloaded the mini player awhile ago and never used it until this weekend. Figured this was how it always functioned! Very cool.
Does this mini-player really have to count towards our device limit (even though computers aren't supposed to count)? Whenever I switch Chromebooks or channels I have to remember to uninstall it before I go play anything to make sure it doesn't register against me. And I've got the same Chromebook listed three times, and it'll be four once it comes back from the repair facility again (they've sent it back twice now without it being fixed).
+Ara Wagoner I have never had a computer count, or a mini player count, in my device list. The only time a computer has ever shown up is when I was signed into the old Google Music Manager app for Windows.
Its still dumb that you cant access your own playlists from it....Or have a missed something?
+Michael Quiroz Correct. I'm Feeling Lucky radio only. You'll need to open Google Music in a tab, then pick a playlist, then close the tab, and you can then control it with the mini player. Frustrating They're getting closer though.
The icon of play music should be distinguishable from that of web play music.
+François Beaufort Nudge the people responsible for global launches that there are a lot of us waiting for Play Music here in India :( 
+Phil Schmidt you will get better answer from +François Beaufort later, but those has no reason to be merged since the app is already linked to the web app ready to popup on bottom right corner.
Seems (1) is a app link to and (2) is a remote/mini player.

This should be clarified in the store description/title. 
Here is an image: In the App Launcher, you can tell a difference with the website having a shortcut arrow, and the mini launcher does not. But if you create taskbar buttons, you are just guessing...
+Hongjoo Lee hehe. i have an active account. i can stream my own music from it just fine. without vpn even. but i cannot access the subscription service. rdio recently launched and i love the ability to pay a small fee every month to get access to millions of songs. which is why waiting for all access to arrive in india :) 
+Michael Gomez In the past, you needed to have Google Music open in Chrome tab at all times to use the mini player. Now it works by itself
+Sushubh Mittal try wynk music meanwhile.... not as great and seamless as Play music.... but will do till it launches.... me too waiting for GPM to launch eagely....
is this just rolling out for some reason i still need the website to be open for the mini player to work
+Saurabh Kumar airtel already get enough money from me on a monthly basis. probably would pay to rdio till gpmaa launches in india :) 
It was working for a while, and i was really hyped, but it went back to "old one" where i had to open google music tab :0 Gosh, nothing good lasts long :o xD
This still asks me to sign in which opens a Music tab.
+Saurabh Kumar hehe. i am on idea. rdio costs rs. 150 i think. i think it is pretty cool considering their recommendation engine is awesome. :) 
I did work till about 2-3 hours ago. Now it's back to the old behavior where you need to have the tab open.
LIES! I still have to open the webpage to sign in.
I'm on a Chromebook and it's not working
It would be perfect if you found a way to stick this into the widget-section of the new Yosemite-notification area.
No improvement for me. The app forces me to the web version to sign in and if I close the web version the stream is broken. : (
Same here.  No mini tab without having the website open, too.  Well, then I can do without...
It's been a few days already. 
Thanks for the update +François Beaufort. I was really enjoying that-- I use Music all day every day at work.

Looking forward to you guys turning it back on. Great work as always!

It's not working. It was working a few days ago and now it doesn't
Read a few message up guys-- it has been temporarily disabled.
It'd be good to have the option to choose the album thats gonna play. Maybe like the Wear Music app
Now it's working again. Google flipped the server switch back to on. :-))
Just turned back on for me. I got an "Update Google Music" message when I went to the site. Chrome app now works again with browser closed.

Seems like there was a regression. As soon as I subscribed to Google Musique offer, the mini player stopped worked without the tab.
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