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Last update of the Google Play Music Chrome App¹ gives us now the ability to set the window always on top thanks to the app.window.alwaysOnTop permission².

Give it a try, open the App, click on the 3 vertical dots and check "Always on top".

¹ ²
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Love the direction that Google are taking with this. Doesn't need to be a massive app that does everything but a easy way to control your music.
Great app, but the icon looks exactly the same as the Google Play Music app that comes with chromeos.
It would be great to see that "Always on top" functionality added to more things, particularly small panels and packaged apps. Calculator and Keep come to mind without even thinking, but it would be a very nice option to add to all windows.
Not yet according to the manifest:

    "platforms": [
            "nacl_arch": "x86-64",
            "sub_package_path": "_platform_specific/x86-64/"
            "nacl_arch": "x86-32",
            "sub_package_path": "_platform_specific/x86-32/"
I did not realise this was not ARM compatible. I have to say that I am disappointed that we are already seeing a hierarchy in processors.

Is this a warning of a Chromebook future where ARM based models become the poor stepchildren to Intel systems and receive applications at a later date or not at all? 
Let's hope not Shaun. I'm thinking the Samsung 2 is bound to change the stepchild thoughts, though to be fair A) ARM is the new kid on the block and has made huge leaps from its RISK roots, but still has some time before its on par with Intel. B) is the lower powered device.
I mean, I'm the last one to say it normally, but the haswells are kicking it right now, but the big little, according to hardkermel, is beating out the atom 1.8 dual cores, so it think we are near that point. Sadly I'm not sure that ARM is any more efficient then Intel at this stage. It is basically that old risk vs cisk that we saw 25 years ago. Samsung has simply taken Motorola's position and powerPC is now ARM.
+Patrick Aljord almost. The one that comes with chrome os is just a shortcut to and has a little arrow on the icon.

This one is a packaged app and has no arrow. I removed the old one from my chromebook. 
+Joe Avery You mean RISC and CISC (not risk and cisk), and you're wrong... RISC vs. CISC is completely irrelevant even if you take a historical perspective. ARM processors make up close to 100% of all smartphones, and in the high 90s% for tablets, so you'd be hard pressed to argue that ARM is an underdog in any way.

What this is really is about is comfort zones for the companies involved. Intel's comfort zone, and moneymaker, has been the desktop and laptop market where they've been dominant. ARM devices have consistently dominated phones and smartphones, and more recently tablets.

Intel has been trying for years to get into the smartphone space with very limited success. I can count on one hand the number of x86 smartphone models in totality.

Furthermore, ARM has been trying to expand into different formfactors at the same time, and Samsung's Chromebooks have been at the forefront there. Again, there have been just a few models.

What's important to keep in mind (rather than framing today in the silly RISC vs. CISC wars of the 90s) is greater market trends. The PC industry is slowing down, while mobile and tablet are growing. These are trends that favor ARM, not Intel, and believe me, Intel is doing everything in their power to defend their turf.

The Samsung Chromebook 2012 really was a wakeup call for Intel. Not only is the PC market shrinking, the hottest growing segment of laptops is topped off by one that doesn't use an Intel processor.
+Benson Leung Do you have the Samsung Chromebook? I have it and I'm using it right now. It's so soo slow compared to my PC... (that I hate, because it's Windows =/)
Wait why have I never known this godsend exists?
Fair enough +Benson Leung, and correct "C" for "k", I was feeling like that was wrong.
But I'm not hard pressed to argue that ARM is underdog. They have yet to break the 3.0GHz speeds on consumer devices. They don't have greater then 4GB Ram, all in all, they are new to a old game. Fast learners, no doubt.
But Intel(not even Intel: HP,dell and the like are doing it) is throwing the low end processors at it. When ARM can compete with an i5 on big.little power TDP then I'll consider ARM as arriving at their goals. Right now, I hate to admit it, but the celerons basically beat out the ARMs. Even the big.little.

So I guess what we can say is Intel is better at lowering the power of their processor then Samsung and ARM is at raising theirs.
And I realy hate to say that. 
+João Victor Schiavo I'm on the Chrome OS team, so I dogfood all of these devices. I have been using the Chromebook 2 off and on. It's actually a noticeable improvement over the 2012 Samsung Chromebook. It's not a small upgrade.
+Joe Avery The point of my comment is that you need to take a look at the bigger picture, specifically the greater market trends.

PC shipments have generally been down. This is really bad for Intel as it's their traditional market.

You can argue about the technical aspects of how ARM is not as good as a particular Celeron, but the fact is that the Samsung Chromebook has been quite successful, and that should scare Intel.
+Benson Leung Sorry, I didn't noticed. But is good to hear that. I've heard that 2014 would be the year that Google would optimize Chrome, for less memory usage (even on PCs) and on Chrome OS. Do you think I can get my device as fast as a Celeron chromebook today, on the next months this year?
Because I can't recommend this specific device to my friends, even I wanting it. I say that, if they want a chromebook, it would be better get the Acer one, C710. Yes, that old one... Actually there are only these 2 chromebooks / chrome os devices beeing sold here in Brazil, and they are too overpriced (about 2x its regular price). D:
This is great! Couple of questions: Support for media button controls coming soon? What album is that in the screencap?!
Weird! I was just watching firefly last night!
Also need Chromecast support as well
This is one of my favorite features from Linux, so it is great to see it come to Chrome OS.
Doesn't work on Windows 8.
Most of the Web-Apps and Chrome-Features doesn't work on my win8 laptop since 6 months. Including new PlayMusic upload, Google+ Photo-Editor and so on.
What's the Problem? What can i do?
So so close to being a proper packaged app, c'mon Google I'd love the entire Play Suite as packaged apps.
+Benson Leung I realise its not your call, but my 2c on this would be this is an example of where Nacl let's the side down. It really takes us back to the bad old days of plugins where only a specific platform/OS/arch would be supported. Given the availability of emscripten there's only a marginal argument now to use Nacl, I'd rather see a perf hit for apps compiled into JS then go back to the bad old days. /cc +François Beaufort
+Maksim Lin It isn't my call. I was one of the ones who were annoyed that this didn't support straight up JavaScript or pNaCL right from the start. To make a change like this that ignores the ridiculously successful Samsung Chromebook is silly in my opinion, though there were technical reasons for it.
+Benson Leung yep, Im a dev myself so I can understand if not agree on needing to do this to get things shipped and I'm a Samsung Chromebook user too. Really just wanted to add my voice to the anti Nacl chorus
i'm now on 8.1, but in Win8 i've got the same issues
+Marcel Soika, that's odd, I'm on Win 8.1 and I've got no issues; maybe, it's a Chrome issue?
i think so. i've installed Chrome Canary now. The Music-Player App now works (on Chrome stable i've got a failure message: an error has accured, please try again)
But the packaged Apps and Google+ Photoeditor doesn't work again.
Doesn't work for me. I sign into Chrome OS with my GApps account but all my personal Google Play music is in my account. So, what's Google's answer? To log OUT of Chrome OS and log in with my account to use the mini-player. FAIL. 
+Larry Dougher It looks like that article is a little old. The feature looks like it landed in flags for M35 which got promoted to Beta a few weeks ago, so give it a try.
Yep, but I do get the same error.  Weird.
+Larry Dougher I think you might have missed my suggestion.

Use multiprofiles, and then log into both your google apps account and your gmail account simultaneously using the multi profile UI. Then you should be able to use the widget while still being logged in as work.
Nope, I did that.  I am able to switch but I can't get the mini player to work on my Apps side.
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