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The chromium team is currently actively working on a Chrome App based Development Environment codenamed Spark at

This IDE project is full of goodness:
- It is built with Dart¹, the "new language for scalable web app engineering"
- It contains a GUI widgets library powered by Polymer²
- It's public on GitHub and therefore interesting for anyone who wants to know how Dart and Polymer can be used to build the next generation of Chrome Apps.

Yet, this is still the very beginning. There's not much we can do for now.
I'll definitely keep an eye on this one though.

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I can't plus this enough!
huge!!! this can make me buy a chromebook!! even if I'm very tempted lately..
Could this framework be used to build an IDE for Android app development?
+Xero Xedd If you want to use it for Android app development, you will have to make it support Android language; which means you are going for an Android OS inside? Isn't it so?
Dart looks really interesting. Seems like the perfect balance of C++ and JavaScript with JQuery and Underscore.js built in.
This is awesome can't wait to see where this goes!
+Asad Ali Android Studio [ ] is the current Android IDE. It works in Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. It does not currently have a ChromeOS version.
Cloud9 [] is a cloud based alternative.
I've been able to hammer a very basic ''Allo, 'Allo'  [] Yeoman/polymer project deployed to Google app engine, all from my Chrome book via cloud9.

No native dart support, but I bet you could figure it if you tried. 

I've stared spark  on git hub and am excited to the see where it heads
How long before this is abandoned like so many other Google products?
Can anyone make a quick build and publish the Chrome Apps Zip?
On a Chromebook now so I can't make a build myself. 
+Xero Xedd Yes, I got your point. But what I am saying is that: I have searched on google and I found that dart is browser based, so is Spark. The main purpose of spark is to build chrome apps -> browser based apps. So that we can have same feel as they are running on our hard disks. 

What you're saying is to implement an IDE(for android) inside it? I believe this is not possible. I might also be wrong, ANYONE OTHER HELP PLEASE!
Meanwhile, whilst Google innovates, Microsoft has embarked on an embarassing campaign of FUD attempting to discredit a competitor, Google. The contrasting approaches of these two companies speaks wonders.
+Thanh Nguyen Thank you for your reply. Never mind I am a beginner in this field yet, that is why I just forgot about use of interpreter like you suggested. BTW, it would be a great thing then.
This is huge! I was just talking about this at Chrome Dev Summit!
Is this a part of Chromium project? why does this located in Github?
+Sungguk Lim Because it isn't part of Chromium? The Chromium team working on it doesn't automatically make it part of Chromium.
Looks like Sublime, i like it
sri ni
Is it just me or does it look like a non-browser version of scripted IDE?
I'm curious when it wiill be finished

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