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The chromium team was happy to share this week-end with the rest of the community that Chrome OS (BlueZ 5.x) is now qualified as a Host Subsystem for Bluetooth 4.0 & Low Energy.

It basically means Chrome devices support:
- Bluetooth 4.0¹ (aka Bluetooth Smart)
- Bluetooth Low Energy² (previously called Wibree)
- A2DP High-definition Audio³

For information, if you've enabled the Developer Mode⁴ on your Chrome Device, you can open a Chrome OS Shell and type bluetoothctl to enter a Bluetooth shell and type show. There, it should display some cool information about your Chrome device.

For instance, I learnt some geeky stuff by reading the modalias line on my Chromebook Pixel on Dev Channel:
Vendor ID: 00E0 (Google)
Product ID: 240A (Always start with "24", the Chromium Atomic Number)
Device ID: 0400 (Bluetooth version 4.0)


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good news for my +Fitbit  device. Looking forward to sync it on my chromebook pixel!
Is there any solid means of associating device id with bluetooth version?

ex. d0504
chrome phones imminent !!!!
That's nice. How's Bonjour support coming along?
is this only for Dev channel? When will it be for stable channel?
Woo ... happy happy when here
+Thanh Nguyen from M34 onwards, Chromebooks place the version of the Bluetooth stack in the Version field of the Device ID record.

For the original Cr48 pilot, and the original Acer AC700 Chromebook, this will be d0300 (3.0) - for all other Chromebooks this will be d0400 (4.0).

Major updates to our stack will change this version, it may or may not stay in line with the actual Bluetooth version we support - that's a happy co-incidence right now.
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