The chromium team was happy to share this week-end with the rest of the community that Chrome OS (BlueZ 5.x) is now qualified as a Host Subsystem for Bluetooth 4.0 & Low Energy.

It basically means Chrome devices support:
- Bluetooth 4.0¹ (aka Bluetooth Smart)
- Bluetooth Low Energy² (previously called Wibree)
- A2DP High-definition Audio³

For information, if you've enabled the Developer Mode⁴ on your Chrome Device, you can open a Chrome OS Shell and type bluetoothctl to enter a Bluetooth shell and type show. There, it should display some cool information about your Chrome device.

For instance, I learnt some geeky stuff by reading the modalias line on my Chromebook Pixel on Dev Channel:
Vendor ID: 00E0 (Google)
Product ID: 240A (Always start with "24", the Chromium Atomic Number)
Device ID: 0400 (Bluetooth version 4.0)


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