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Developing and debugging on a mobile device will never be the same anymore thanks to the experimental DevTools support for screencasting.
Yes, you read it correctly! You can right now plug your Android Device to your computer and control it very easily from the Chrome DevTools:

-Enable chrome://flags/#enable-devtools-experiments and chrome://flags/#remote-debugging-raw-usb flags in Chrome Dev Channel and restart.
- Go to chrome://inspect and plug your Android Device (make sure USB Debugging is ON before)
- Allow USB debugging by tapping "OK".
(At this point your Android device should appear in chrome://inspect)
- Open Chrome Beta for Android and visit a website
- On your computer, open the DevTools, click on the Gear icon in the bottom-right corner, on "Experiments", check "Enable screencast" and close the DevTools.
- Finally, click on the "Inspect" link and click on the brand new "Screencast" icon in the bottom left corner to enable it.

And here you are! Play with it, type on your computer and enjoy the Chrome DevTools Experimental Screencast video.

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Mouse events on screencast turn into gestures too. You can tap, drag, scroll and pinch to zoom (via dragging w/ right mouse button down).
Thank you for sharing this. DO you think apps like Share KM can be possible then?

Being able to control my Android device on my Chromebook would just be perfect.
I still can't see the "screencast" icon. I enabled screencast in Experiments and enabled the flags. I'm running Chrome beta on Android on Nexus 4 and latest chrome on Mac.
Al Wojs
not working for me (samsung s2, cyanogen 10.1.3,chrome beta; desktop - chrome dev channel 32 aura, win 7)
I dont  see android in Devices, is it because of cyanogen?
(enabled flags and usb debug is on)
Oh I wasn't on dev channel. It worked on Canary, thanks!
same as +Al Wojs s2, miui latest, chrome beta on android and both chrome dev and chrome canary. win 7 64bit. no icons and no android devices on inspect on chrome on pc
does it work for other apps too?
Did anyone tell you I love you today?
you will see that icon only when you inspect page from chrome on phone in chrome://inspect on pc
Al Wojs
hmm,  in chrome beta for android in settings there is no dev tools (like in point 3 in the link you provided). I'm gonna check the drivers... oh just in case, I did enable usb debugging in dev options in android system
+Al Wojs  "Enable USB Web debugging" is no need for the chrome beta for android.
+陈彪 I tried that first, but I received a message when trying to install that:  This application is not supported on this computer. Installation has been disabled.  I am running Windows 8.1 x64.
I am able to see my Nexus 4 in the chrome://inspect but Chrome immediately crashes every time.
Al Wojs
ok, it's working with adb chrome ext.
awesome! thx
As you may know, there's many lazy blog writers that are dispersing your original instructions without having tried them, which might be causing many non-developers to start banging their heads against their desks because the instructions are incomplete. Some of these missing steps include: install Chrome Canary; install Chrome Beta on the device; enable developer mode on the device; enable USB debugging on the device; if you have trouble getting the device to show up you should try the ADB extension; if you're on Windows you might need a device driver.
explains how to activate it to me appears in the section of experiments not available
I dont see the screencast icon v31
hi everybody. In my dev chrome i can't see the usb debug in inspect and on my canary i can't see the debugging raw usb option in the flag section... Can anyone helpme please? I completed all the phone steps on my nexus 4...
Could not get it to work on Samsung Galaxy S3. In the Canary build the following link did not return any such option: chrome://flags/#remote-debugging-raw-usb
Update1: I managed to see the screencast. I did not need to enable the above option. Wish this screencasting worked for other apps too :-) 
Is there some kind of restriction?

I'm trying it on Chrome on Ubuntu and it's nor working...
Looking for help / suggestions.  I have Windows 7 64bit.
Galaxy S3 | latest Cyanogen nightly

I installed Canary 32.0.1664.3
enabled experiments
didnt have option to enable remote debug in Canary (I do have the option in Chrome Beta) Version 30.0.1599.69 m
followed every other step, but do not see "Screencast" in my inspect.

Actually dont see my device either....
"didnt have option to enable remote debug in Canary" That's because it's no longer an experimental feature but integrated and enabled by default
Trying this on the OG Nexus 7 with 4.3. It never asks for authorization on the device nor does the "Screencast" button show up. I can see it in the Inspector on my PC and interact with the tablet through it and all, but the screencast icon is not present. Guess there are some bug with this yet.
Hmm. After looking a little more, what appears to be happening is that the Screencast option in the Dev Tools Experiments tab keeps unchecking itself.
Also not getting the authorization on my Samsung GS3.  My Galaxy Nexus works fine.
there were no option remote-debugging-raw-usb on "32.0.1686.0 canary Aura", "32.0.1687.2 canary Aura" but "30.0.1599.101 m" does. so remote-debugging-raw-usb became enabled by default may, but my XPERIA SO-02E ain't on chrome://inspect/#devices.
 "30.0.1599.101 m" enable-devtools-experiments option doesn"t work at all.
I'm kindda stack what to do :(
my android no touch ok :( and how remote control the my android ?
Failed to screencast my Android phone. Configurations of ChromeOS has been updated. 
Is it possible for me to test my other apps?
Hello Francois, this is my Chromebook channel spec:
Versie 48.0.2546.0 dev (64-bit)
Platform 7583.0.0 (Official Build) dev-channel falco
Firmware Google_Falco.4389.92.0

Followed all your instruction one by one, is it possible that there is no flag ´debugging-raw-usb´ ?  I can not find it.    The url from android device motorola G is visible in ´inspect´. No blue icon on this moment
Thanks for answering if you´ll find a few minutes.
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