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People who have multiple profiles or users on their Chrome devices can now take advantage of the new experimental multiprofiles feature. This mode gives you the ability to run Chrome OS with multiples profiles at the same time.

Once you've enabled the chrome://flags/#enable-multi-profiles flag in Dev Channel, you can start to run multiple profiles in your signed-in session by clicking on your profile picture in the system tray popup, selecting "Sign in another account", and choosing from the list of profiles you had previously added on your device.

Switching profiles is as easy as clicking on the profile picture in the system tray popup. Although I have to say that my favorite way is to use the handy <Ctrl> + <Alt> + <Period> and <Ctrl> + <Alt> + <Comma> keyboard shortcuts.
One nice thing, but still highly experimental, is that you can move windows to different profiles with a simple right click in the window top bar. As you can see in the video below, even the Files App even supports this feature.

And if like me you happen to stumble upon a bug, report it to the chromium team at

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+João Victor Schiavo Reverting from Dev -> Beta -> Stable requires an automatic Powerwash which deletes all locally saved data.

So make sure you moved all your files to Drive before you perform this step. Cookies etc. shouldn't be a major concern, but are deleted as well!
This is a cool feature, I look forward to playing with it.
Vu Dinh
Finally! Loving the dev team.
Un Lo
very cool
Wow! That is really trippy. When I first saw this story I thought they were just implementing fast user switching. But this ability to move windows to the other profile is just a whole different thing.
It's like some crazy marriage between fast user switching and multiple workspaces - with file sharing thrown into the mix as well in a weird way.
I've never seen anything like this. Have I just been missing it? Will straight Linux do this window moving between sessions?
In the setting it said some settings were being shared. Which ones?
It would be nice if it gave the option to require the password when switching profiles. It is definitely handy to be able to not use the passwords. In many family situations especially this will be the desired usage I think. But there will be many situation where people will want to still have their password access intact as well.
Like +Michael Dopp said, I thought this would be about fast user switching which is something I feel is truly missed using ChromeOS.  Looking into this further, it seems he's very accurate in his description, it is "some crazy marriage between fast user switching and multiple workspaces - with file sharing thrown into the mix as well in a weird way" and that's not necessarily a good thing.

It's very unclear to me who this is even for.  Is it a user with multiple Google accounts to share with themselves?  For a family it seems like insecure switching is a Bad Thing® unless you want sis reading your emails and your brother to make Facebook posts under your name.  The fact that you can do this is intriguing, I'm just struggling to understand why I'd want to.

It sure seems like what's gone into this could give us lots of things ChromeOS users would want like fast user switching, multiple desktops, and an easy way to send content to trusted users (much like Beaming on an Android) but in this form it feels like something for which I'd struggle personally to find a use.
I think you are probably correct that it is more for people with multiple accounts +Anthony Plummer . Though it would surely work in some families. Everyone in the house here I could generally trust - though not around Christmas time.  hahhaha.
My first reaction is that it would be nice if you had the option of requiring passwords for each switch or not.
Maybe using it with passwords is not much advantage over just signing out and signing in though?? I set up to always start my browser on my home page instead of my last used tabs. So to me it would be quite different as signing out means losing work state.
It's definitely a convenient trick. At least for me.  I'm happy to see it coming.
The sharing file manager windows is the most trippy thing to me. I suppose it saves a little hassle over just being able to copy in/out of a shared/public folder.
+Michael Dopp I totally agree but let's be honest, signing out to share the Chromebook isn't ideal no matter how fast it resumes.  I know on my wife's ARM-based HP Chromebook 11 startup time is far from instantaneous and then like you say we lose our work states (well, her Flash game state) meaning switching laptops when she'd like to fiddle on my MacBook Air isn't painless.

I really like ChromeOS and the Chromebook 11 (although I wish I could get the build quality and screen in a Haswell unit for $100 more) but lack of fast user switching really limits its shareability.

Overall this feature reminds me a lot of Wave.  It's a collection of great ideas combined in a way that's confusing to someone who isn't an engineer.  Each facet of the concept could be done in a way that would improve even the casual user's experience with a little more thought toward the totality of the experience and less toward maximizing the potential of every bit of the featureset.  And if ChromeOS isn't the ideal casual user OS, what is?
finally someone is solving this annoing issue! thx sooo much
+François Beaufort Only issue I noticed is that opened windows/sessions are locked to each profile so if I am reading Muktware from one profile and switch profile that page is gone. It may be more useful if switching profiles doesn't interrupt the work.
I see what you are saying +Anthony Plummer Maybe for the situation with your wife the lack of passwords will be just fine.
That's the situation for me here. There's nobody in the house who I'm worried about being able to get into my mail or whatnot. So for me personally this should work great.
For many people it won't though if password protection is lost - as you've said.
Can't seem to get the short keys to work for this. Did you say it was ctrl + alt? I can't tell what ctrl + alt + means...
Is there any way to change the keyboard shortcut so it can be performed with the left hand only? If I could change that, I would be golden. When using chrome browser on a PC, all you have to do is press alt+tab, so you can easily copy and paste between users. François
+François Beaufort. Is there a way for to change the keyboard shortcut as Tyson suggested? That would be a tremendous help to me. I bought a chromebox assuming chrome would allow me to switch between users with alt+tab just like on a PC. Control+Alt+period takes two hands and is a deal breaker for me. I'm going to have to return this thing if I can't switch between users with the left hand :(
I tried this option way-back-when, but I can't find it anymore. I'm on :

Google Chrome 38.0.2125.0 (Official Build 290040) dev
Platform 6158.0.0 (Official Build) dev-channel peppy

I can't find anything when I search for 'profiles' on chrome://flags.

What am I missing?

NB, I have my chromebook in developer mode, not just on dev channel.
+Max Waterman it is already enabled in developer but you need to already have at least 2 profiles installed on your chrome device. Then just click on you avatar in the lower right corner and then click on you name on the top of the menu, it will give you the possibility to open another profile (you need to start from the admin account).
+Benjamin Trinité thanks. You're correct that I had neglected to add my other profile, but having done so I find I still don't have this option. I wonder if it has been removed. What version are you running? I'm still running 38.0.2125.X but now X is 26 instead of 0. I'm not sure what platform is exactly, but I'm now on 6158.12.0 - the rest is still the same.
Would like to get this working somehow and wonder what I'm missing exactly :/
Oh, I do now notice that there is a profile flag - which (apparently) there wasn't when I looked before when I looked. Enabling it, however, makes no difference (after a reboot) :/ Nothing happens when I click on the icon on the pop-up status panel....hrm, this makes me suspect something...need to check.
+Max Albright 
Version 38.0.2125.26 dev (64-bit)
Platform 6158.12.0 (Official Build) dev-channel panther
Firmware Google_Panther.4920.24.25
I have discovered that this feature has been disabled by our account administrator...I'm using a company account.
+Max Waterman Same here.  So How I can ask my admin to enable this? I have no idea about this, though... 
In my 'world', it means it is being managed by my company's IT department. To investigate, I use my usual IT support channels, so I guess it's the same for you?
+Max Waterman Yes, I have an admin for this IT part. But I am wondering how I can ask about this if the admin do not know about making my account "trusted" or "first sign-in" account. I am new to this Chromebook (Acer c720), and having trouble with this "dev channel" and making multiple sign-in feature which I really need. Anyway, Thanks! 
BTW, my chromebook wants me to enable this corp. account as "trusted" one, which I don't know about... hmm... 
Well, I don't know, sorry. I they would have to contact their Google support to find out.
I solved my problem. The problem was that the corp account required to be signed in first. So, I reset my chromebook, and set up the corp account first as the owner account. Then, also I added my person account. Boom! The fast switching feature does work! 
+Soo Yeon Cho I can't get it working for me it says my company doesn't allow it but can't see a way to make it allowed. Do you have an enrolled Chromebook?
+Alex Shaw I do not know what it is exactly; however, I just did reset the cromebook, and set it up with my corp account as the owner one. I have nothing to have done with "enrolled" device with my IT admin. 
OK thanks, so you didn't have to change any settings either?
OK. I looked over your issue. I have not done anything but: 1) change from "stable" to "dev" channel. 2) set up chromebook with my corp account first, then added my personal account as second one. That's it. I suspected "dev" channel, and so I tried this in "stable" channel, but failed. I watched the video and also tried to change setting with "chrome://flag..."; however, it had nothing related to my success, which I know because I have not tried the profile change when I succeeded with my 1) and 2) setup. That's all I know and have done. Thanks. 
OK brilliant thanks for taking a look, I really appreciate it
ok - i've been fiddling around this for awhile on my CB3 - i dunno if it's a combination of dev mode, logging in with my Apps account first, dev channel or none of the above. i enabled chrome://flags#enable-new-profile-management and it's doing what I want - even more beautifully than I imagined - FAST! :)
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