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What if we could open tabs on our Android device without touching it? That's actually happening right now in the last Chromium build.

All you have to do is enable USB Web debugging in Chrome Beta for Android, plug your Android device through USB and go to chrome://inspect on your machine.
Then enter the URL you want to open and click on "Open".

Moreover, you can now reload and close each Android tab from your machine.

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I've often wondered if there could be a way to "push" tabs to and from one of my devices using Google's tab sync backend. For example, if I want to push a webpage I'm looking at from my desktop onto my Nexus7. I can sort of do that now by copying it from my desktop while on my N7, but that both requires I remember there's something to pull and that I don't close that tab on my desktop.

I think there's some cool things that could be done there (but understandably things only a power user would want/understand)
It would be nice if we had a better option to click a button to open a browser tab from our desktop on our phone but not store it like it did previously.
+Roderick Gadellaa I probably just don't know how to do it I mean I know how to look at the tabs open on my desktop and open it on my phone.
This would be even cooler over the air. Oh yeah, that's called Chrome to Mobile...
I also really like PushBullet for doing this. Works great :)
Nice, it's not on chrome beta yet. By the way, may I know what theme are you using?
+Pavel Feldman sweet! Thank you!

That sort of functionality has two other cool uses I can imagine:

1) a list of tabs you push to your Google account that are independent of a device (I.e. a "read later" list)
2) a single set of tabs that is maintained across all your devices simultaneously (so you have the same session no matter what screen you sit down to).

Cool stuff! Keep up the great work, guys!
Does this mean remote debugging without the ADB extension is coming?
I think Chrome OS to mobile is something inevitable. One OS for desktop and mobile. MS took its risks to make this step for first, and Google's clever move leave market calm down about new edge of computing interaction. After a while when people will finally understand the beauty and power of Win8, Google can introduce its view on single os for every device, so enter with success in already psychologically prepared market of people with different looking product and make a success. Android soon or later is going to be forget. It's too expensive maintain 2 os and non sence, as PC era is changing....
  Open Chrome on your phone. 
  Open a New Tab.
  Now you should see your tabs you have open on your other devices, including your desktop.
  At the New Tab Page, Enable Sync, then your other devices' tabs will show.
Andy L.
Isn't this chrome to mobile extension?
Anyone else feel like chrome is starting to get bloated?
Login to Chrome on any two devices and each can view each other's tabs. No extension needed.
your post is unclear. what do you mean open tabs without touching it? Thinking it? waving your hand over it? 

As for bloatedness, no its not bloated.  Even the most bloated apps still take what, an extra half second to do something...  the difference between waiting 0.8 seconds and 1.2 seconds is kinda pointless to worry about.  And i do like having lots of features and customizing.
so this whole "without touching it" thread is not actually about controlling your phone without touching it, but is really about viewing your PC browser tabs on the phone seamlessly?  THis is disappointing.. i was hoping for some kind of motion capture app...

Confirming what others have said: chrome lets you view desktop PC browser tabs on chrome for android NOW with no extensions required.  Open a browser (or 4) on PC, with multiple tabs. Take your phone with you to take a crap.  Open chrome on phone. Tap your options/menu and choose "other devices" .  The command bar that pops up has 3 choices.  Tap the one that looks like a tiny tabbed window (with some UP/down arrows on it).    You should now see your banks of tabs which are both on the phone and PC all showing at once. Click the tab of choice and it opens.
you have to be logged in as your gmail/android account persona on all devices and of course have the latest versions of everything you can possibly think of.  I never had to download any extensions but my gear is recent.  this inter operability is why i use chrome, not necessarily cuz i think its best, but it does sync with my android
Your wallpaper looks like an Ubuntu wallpaper. ;)
Chromium is the opensource version of Google chrome. It doesn't include the statistic collector and so on.

Chromium is also available for Windows and mac, just like Google Chrome.
you can now use your android tablet or phone as a chromecast
Desktop notifications is slick too!
That's pretty awesome. Won't be long then I suspect until you don't need to plug in the phone. In fact, I'm guessing plugging it in will only be necessary in the chromium builds as a physical connection seems pretty archaic for Google services.
That interface rocks! Any chance of it making it's way to desktop chrome remote debugging (ie. the one enabled with --remote-debugging-port=9222)? 
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