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Linux GTK+ support is currently being removed in the chromium project.

We all know now quite well its successor, Aura, the cross-platform graphics system that the chromium team has built from scratch over the years.

If you want to test¹ Linux Aura, you can run it side by side with the stable version by executing $ sudo apt-get install google-chrome-unstable in your terminal.


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beta channel on linux is also on Aura now.
This is a big day for Chromium project. Nice everyone.
I'll have to try it when I get home to see how nice it plays with +elementary 
google-chrome-unstable is good. Hangouts don't raise temperature as much as stable one does.
I only work Chrome was more themeable but I guess that's hard to do and maintain good security.
I can understand the idea of having a unified stack across platforms. However from what I understand GTK+ is installable under Windows too isn't it ?
+Florian Monfort But that forces the user to install a third party system just to use Chrome.. How many would be willing to do that and add to the bloat of their windows machines? 
Other, possibly competing software uses gtk+
+Prem Suraj I'm pretty sure there could be a way to implement this directly in Chrome just like they included Adobe Flash Player or other components. That wouldn't be a first. And I assume this is more or less what's going to happen with Aura ?

Plus if GTK at its current state cannot be ported, why not orientate its development path to make it more portable/lightweight/embeddable ?
Now everyone can enjoy that Windows 95 color scheme on all menus with no way to change it. Also hope no one liked having icons on generic menu items.

Wonder why the "Use GTK+ theme" button is even still there. Seems to just be imitating the default GTK theme.
+Cory Schmunsler The "Use GTK+ theme" option was always just imitating the default GTK theme even before Aura. It's orthogonal to which UI toolkit we use underneath (GTK+ or Aura). It's the best option on Linux for Gnome-based desktop environments to fit in with the platform's look and feel.
I'm fairly sure it's not imitating the default in the browser I'm running right now. It has my custom color scheme, my custom icon set, menu transparency, menu decorations, etc.

With Aura it does not.
Huh, after a restart it's started working (not perfectly, but using the right colors at least) and now I can't reproduce. Might've been some some weird interaction with an old profile.

I'll go ahead and report all the stuff that's still weird.
I don't blame them GTK+ still doesn't have pixel independent units. because of this GTK+ is rendered obsolete by modern screens.
Thanks, Cory. I appreciate someone who takes the time to report bugs properly.
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