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The Chromium OS Team is thinking about adding a nice new feature called internally consumer management that will let Google help you remotely lock, erase, and locate your Chrome OS device.

To see it, you'll need to switch to Dev channel, turn on Dev mode, run chrome with the experimental command line switch¹ --enable-consumer-management (not a flag there) and go to chrome://settings.
Since this is still work in progress, clicking on the "Enroll" button won't do anything yet though ;)


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I thought Chromebooks were designed to be disposable devices as your data is locked behind your Google ID. :\ 
+Sushubh Mittal That doesn't mean losing a device isn't problematic. Do you want to lose your Chromebook which you paid 200-400 dollars or euro's for?
It should be integrated into the Android Device Manager.
+Sushubh Mittal You're not required to set an unlock password - though it's a good idea. If you don't, and you lose it, it would be nice to remotely lock it, no?
They forgot remotely "control". Yes you can do it through hangouts but requires waaaay too much user-side participation. 
I could have used it on my last trip
+Rudi Bartsch That could be a possible name. I think beginning with a unified service is much better than multiple.
We can see it in the case of Hangouts (slowly integrated Google+ Messenger, Google Talk, SMS and Google Voice will follow in near future)
Definitely so +Felix Schröter. I imagine this will bring together more than just Android. Perhaps we'll see Chrome, Chromium devices, Android wearables (watches, glass, etc).
Great practical feature! So many times I get distracted and forget to "X" out of a pornsite. I don't want to embarrass anyone.
+François Beaufort still waiting for a way to just simply access the device remotely - maybe this is a precursor?
Sounds like another great addition to chrome OS.

Also any idea on when you will be able to Remote Desktop into a chromebook from a windows pc, Mac, or even the new android (and soon iOS) apps? I purchased a chromebook for my mother who isn't particularly tech savvy and Remote Desktop would have come in handy more than once now.

I know you can do a sort of Remote Desktop through a Google hangout, but it is slow and not really as great as using the real extension, also she is kind of confused as how to get it started anyhow. Being able to just Remote Desktop into her chromebook and fix any issues or install apps for her would be extremely useful. 
Surely this should be standard ever since Apple defaulted it?
+Matt Arnold I second this question, I encouraged the mother in law to get a Chromebook and it would be great to be able to give her assistance with out driving 90, minutes to do it.
+Felix Schröter yes, its the one I am talking about. However it doesn't let you control a chromebook from a windows or mac computer yet.
+Matt Arnold Oh, I didn't know. It seems to only work the other way around...
Hopefully that feature will be implemented soon.
That's a nice feature.... Good for the growth of Chrome OS
Can you add it as a flag to the beta channel of chrome OS?
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