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I've just noted that Chrome OS Dev Channel has an experimental handwriting recognition mode you can play with now by enabling the On-screen keyboard in the Accessibility settings.

Once the On-screen keyboard is visible, tap or click the⋮key and pick the handwriting mode. For information, since it uses the Google Input Tools¹ API, this mode only works when you're connected to the internet.

Still, it's still fun to draw smileys on the keyboard and get it recognized ☺

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Nice! will try this with my wacom tablet...
By the way I wonder why the dev chrome OS channel has not been updated for more than 2 weeks. Maybe the chrome team is having a summer break...
Now what kind of device would need something like that, I wonder? ;)
While you're talking about smileys: is it possible to enable a compose key in Chrome OS? I love that on Ubuntu, and Chrome OS is Linux-based, so I thought that might be possible. ☺ ø ‽ æ
Another feature for the yoga thinkpad
anyone see yet whether this works with the wacom? 
+François Beaufort Sorry, but I believe Wacom / active digitizer still not supported in Chromium OS  (however... based on this, it looks like that could change.  Fingers crossed?)
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