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In the last Dev Update of the Files App, the cropping tool has now 4 helpful buttons to set the aspect ratio: 1x1 , 6x4, 7x5 and 16x9.

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The cropping tool drives me crazy because it never shows the full picture as the buttons are always there.
Ken Yeh
What's wrong with 3:2? 
Ken Yeh
+Jean-Francois Noel
Got it. That makes sense. But then 16x9 becomes the odd one out since that is not a common photo print size.
It should have standard print sizes as an option as well as custom entry but locking proportion.
I never crop to generic 16x9. I crop to 4x6 or 5x7 or 8x10 to order prints. Or I crop to 1920x1200 for wallpaper, etc...
These would be different choices in different parts of the world of course.
These four presets just seem too small a list and too generic.
I'd like to see a second-click feature to turn the crop from landscape to portrait.
+Lauri Gratseff Yes of course the aspect ratio is 3:2, I just think that they used the label 6X4 to link with the photo print size. Otherwise why not simplify the fraction?
I'm guessing someone just didn't think those through yet and the ratios and labels will still change before going stable.
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