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+Google Chrome answered its third Q&A:

Q. When will Chrome for Android support extensions / addons?
A. We have no plans to support extensions or apps at this time. 
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Are you sure this is correct? I'm sure they confirmed it earlier...
Did they change their mind recently?
This is in direct opposition with a previous Q&A chrome developer apps video, where Pete Lepage confirmed they would be coming, so this came as a big surprise to me.
I'll see if I can find the Youtube Clip + timings.
Firefox wins here, supports 'few' extensions on Android!
At one point, Google also claimed that there was no plan for a touchscreen Chrome OS device...
That is very disppointing.
Extensions is not a real big thing to me, but being able to run web apps properly in mobile Chrome is huge.
So much space is wasted on the navigation bar on a small screen.
iOS has the apple-mobile-web-app-capable meta tag, which allows web pages to resemble an app and android should at least be able to do something like that, even if packaged apps is a far more elegant way of doing it.
If web apps are well crafted, they should be able to follow most of the interface design patterns for Android as well, and with the "options" hardware button gone from Android, we don't have to worry about that not working in a web app (which, sadly, is not entirely true, since most users are still running Gingerbread).
That github repository is not the same thing as what was asked in the question. That github repository is about making the new chrome APIs work in a Cordova app.
+Paul Roskell Take the last word off (chrome) that question in the link it should be a lot clearer. The entire point of the apps project is for the user not to know these apps are web apps, and as such thet are not really in chrome, they just use the runtime. On mobile you have to use the runtime of the OS, which is why Cordova is being used.
Thank you for the speedy clarification.
And as per the question in this post, it also is correct.
They also once claimed no plans for Chrome for Android.
Chrome Apps are coming to Android. They said this in a Chrome Apps office hours hangout a few weeks ago. You don't have to be a genius to also see the way they are re-arranging the gui for extensions in the dev channel will also allow them to work more easily on tablets and phones.
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