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Chrome is about to support In app payments for Chrome Packaged Apps thanks to the newly embed Chrome Wallet App also available in the Chrome WebStore at

If you want to give it a try, make sure to run Google Chrome Canary and install the Chrome Sample App plainly named "In App Payments" at

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I've literally been waiting for this for years. Uber props to the Wallet/Chrome teams.
Is it just me, or is the integration of Google Wallet and the development packaged apps a shot across the bow to Android? It seems like Google wants to drag Android devs over to the Chrome store.
I wouldn't recommend installing the chrome extension. It's not an official extension from Google.
What's the significance of this?
+John Mello DLC and stuff for games. Buying things within packaged apps and whatnot.
So this "Google Wallet Service" is a system app of sorts?
Hidden on the default NTP and hidden in chrome://extensions/

But it is shown when you do a;
But it cannot be disabled.
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