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Are you familiar with Opera Turbo technology or even Amazon Silk Browser features?
If so, you won't be surprised to learn that Google "Chrome For Android" Team is experimenting on reducing data consumption by loading optimized web pages via Google SPDY proxy servers.

This feature still in development is available behind a switch that you can enable by running: 
adb shell 'echo "chrome --enable-spdy-proxy-auth" > /data/local/tmp/content-shell-command-line'

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As long as they don't follow Opera and "optimize" our SSL/TLS traffic as well.
I can see the reasoning behind this, but I this it’s a massive step backwards for the open web, central rendering makes proprietisation so much easier and makes our currently "smart" devices take steps close and closer to being "dumb" and our experience of the internet being at the mercy of massive content entities
open web means we have choice, no one force you to use the proxy.
Is this the disable command?

adb shell 'echo "chrome --disable-spdy-proxy-auth" > /data/local/tmp/content-shell-command-line'
Most awesomest reuse of vintage VG art. Totally deserved, that's exactly what I felt when I ran Chromium 25 on my old ThinkPad.
+Curtis Fletcher If I understand it correctly (and I may not), this isn't rendering on the server, it's just proxying traffic through a server. This can give a performance advantage because of the design of SPDY. As an additional advantage, all SPDY traffic is also encrypted (though the connection between the proxy server and the endpoint end server may or may not be).
Is there a different command to activate this feature on the Chrome beta app or is it enabled by default there?
Is it just me, or does the 'Turbo' font similar to old school street fighter?
Hello François, is this the same as SPDY/3 in chrome flags? What does "Pipelining http" do?
Thanks, Martin
Dos this command work with latest chrome beta as well? Or do I have to edit the command?
ADB says: "The system can not find the path specified." :(
david j
SPDY is a networking optimization, and so it's comparable to the Opera Turbo technology, but not Amazon Silk.

Amazon Silk, Puffin Browser, and Skyfire are "cloud browsers" which actually run the HTTP rendering code on the server, not the client. 
Hi François. I tried running the command for my phone and it seems like it worked, but there's no indication on prompt command or the phone that the feature is on. Do you have any idea how can I find out if it's working or not?
Can't get it to work, Android 4.2.2, newest version of Chrome and also Chrome Beta... Same problem as Rick above: "The system can not find the path specified."
Trying again after installing Chrome Beta and using a terminal emulator. Now it says "sh: chrome: not found".
This breaks DNS-based adblocking.
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