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If you still have to deal with Microsoft Office files everyday on your Chrome OS Device, you can start to breathe: Chrome OS users can now experiment with editing Microsoft Excel and Word files.

Yes! All you need is to be on Dev Channel and enable the obscure chrome://flags/#enable-quick-office-editing flag. Then, you're good to go ;) 
Obviously, this is the very beginning and it might be a little bit buggy. Therefore, I would recommend you fill quickoffice bugs at this custom URL and attach your office files (if you can) in order to quickly improve it.

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Why still no ODF support? None of Google products support the ODF format, which is disturbing.
Docs should be Word :D 
Any idea if this would eventually come to Chrome Office Viewer? 
Ooh, QuickOffice at work!
+Виталий Белёвцев seems to be ChromeOS only.  Canary for Windows gives me nothing.  Great to see this finally work its way through the development process, and into our greedy hands.
+Eli Gukovsky Importing is different than able to open and save in ODF. You can't open odt document across Google platform - Android Chrome OS and Drive. You have to 'convert' ODF before uploading. If you have odf document on Android device there is no way you can open or work on it. Google on the contrary offer full support for controversial OOXML (docx). ODF is an ISO standard and Google must support it.

I only use ODF and thus going further and further away from Google services.
Cheers Google team! Step two is to topple Microsoft. 
finally that quick office purchace starts to see the light of day. Now if I could only convince myself to go out and buy a chrome book.
on the other hand, it's awesome. Enabled on my wife Chromebook. Now she will be happy :-) Thanks +François Beaufort. Keep up the great work.
Just one more reason.. Great job !! Looking forward to the stable version.
Does anybody know of a good free PDF editor? Preferably cloud based...
@+Jay Norris - I've been looking for web based pdf editor that allows annotations and has access to Google Drive/Dropbox for awhile now. Like you alluded, I've also yet to find anything worth using.
Could not get this to work on ChromeBook...
Hopefully the rendering is a lot better than the atrocious iteration in Google Docs
+François Beaufort Do you have any idea why it wouldn't be working for me? I am running Version 29.0.1547.16 dev and have enabled the flag and restarted. When I click a .doc or .docx file in Drive the viewer still pops up, not a QuickOffice editor. :-/
Has anyone able to make this work using the dev channel?
Finally see this working on Version 30.0.1599.11 dev on a GoogleApps account and able to edit word document directly from GoogleDrive
+François Beaufort : is it possible to pass QuickOffice for ChromeOS a file, and get the new saved version back, much like what's now possible with the Chrome API for native apps ? My understanding is that you might do that with Intents on the Android of QuickOffice, and unsure about  the iOS version. 
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