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Your chromebook won't try to update when you're tethering your Android device in the last Chrome OS Dev update. In fact, it will treat this network as a cellular network.

If you want to see if your Android device WiFi network is detected as tethered, go to chrome://system and look for "ANDROID_METERED" in the network-status section.

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That is great news - a bone of contention for many users.
Option would be nice for those on unlimited plans
An option would be lovely, as I know some people only use their phones for internet access
My parents only use their phones for internet access so I'm hoping this is opt-in!
I use a hotspot through wifi. Would be nice if there was an option to select out which wifi's are mobile devices like I can do on my Nexus 7.
Just in case anyone finds this in 2016+: now this status looks like this: "'VendorEncapsulatedOptions': [ 65, 78, 68, 82, 79, 73, 68, 95, 77, 69, 84, 69, 82, 69, 68 ]". In this case, those are the ASCII values for the characters in "ANDROID_METERED".
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