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If you're the proud owner of a Chromebox or a Chromebook Samsung Series 5 550, you may receive in a near future 100 GB free with Google Drive.

This is huge news since people would normally have to pay $4.99 / Month to get that treat.

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Any other chromeOS devices such as CR48 included?
I was surprised it was not announced when they launched Google Drive. And I am sad that they do not have a similar free storage plan for Android users! 
Thank you François for sharing this! But since it says GDrive promo for the File Manager, might be valid for Cr48 as well?
Based on what I read in the code source, it's only available for stumpy and lumpy (aka the two last chrome devices)
If you're the proud payer of Google Apps, and have been for two years, you seemingly don't get anything special... :(
+James Cridland I still am annoyed that they raised storage prices with the launch of Google Drive. From USD 20 for 80GB to USD 60 for 100GB (per year)! 
I wonder how this will be authenticated.  Does only the owner of the device get the space? Or do you simply have to sign in on stumpy or lumpy to activate it?
Cool! But just a note, we do have to wait for the Dev channel to update. Hexxeh's builds will not give it to u. The build has to be official or at least for x86-stumpy or x86-lumpy!
I spoke to an intern at Google at a Chromie meetup. We were talking about how everything that Google does gets leaked it seems. And he mentioned that they probably do it on purpose. Like the Nexus 7, which was discovered before it was officially announced by a manual of some sort. So, I wouldn't doubt if this were true. :D
Free Cloud 100GB...........that is the power of Google
Still nothing... They are giving 1TB to the people of Kansas who enrolls for the top end plan on Google Fiber :D
I don't understand why this wouldn't be offered to all chromebook/box owners. I just bought a series 5 and wished I could have gotten the 550 but couldn't it.
Well, the banner is in the dev channel, and it shows, but the link is just to the Chromebook page! So, I assume that it will be activated soon!
I think they should give it to anyone that has purchased a Chromebook. If anything because I was an earlier adopter and paid more for my machine I deserve it more! :-)
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