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Sometimes, we simply want to try a Chrome App before installing it for real since we may forget to uninstall it later. To fix that, the Chromium Team is currently experimenting with "Ephemeral Apps".

By enabling the chrome://flags/#enable-ephemeral-apps flag, you'll notice that searching for Apps from the App Launcher will now return Chrome Webstore results with two buttons "Add" and "Launch" instead of the lonely "Install" button.
The "Launch" button is intended to launch the App without installing it but for now in Dev Channel, this is the same as the "Add" button.
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Hi +François Beaufort, I'm having a problem with chrome beta on windows 8.1. I noticed that in the settings/ about that it was failing to check for updates so I downloaded the chrome beta installer and ran that. Afterwards, the chrome app launcher icon is just a white page with the corner folded instead of the 9 coloured squares. It works as normal but the icon is is gone. Is there any way to fix this?
Great idea, love this. I bet this would enable people signed in as a guest to use apps.
Great idea. waiting for it to come to beta channel.
Shouldn't the button text read try instead of launch?
Is this going to be available on OS X or just Chrome OS and Windows?
ben dem
Just awesome! 
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