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Here's a screenshot of the upcoming Chrome OS tablet.

As you can see, the only way to tell it's not a Chromebox or a Chromebook is to look at the platform name: "Link"

Oh and the screenshot is 2MB instead of 600KB ;)
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Chrome os tablet seems kinda counter productive seems like they should just do what we all want and merge Chrome OS and Android lol.
Hmm, I really hope the Chrome Tablet is very close to the Nexus 10, with the superb resolution and the A15 Chip. It seems to make perfect sense, the Samsung Chromebook runs the same chip, as does the Nexus 10. The most intriguing aspect of this is that Google seems to be making it themselves, meaning something Nexus Q like should be arriving soon.
Chrome OS based tablet? I am not sure. HTML5 apps are becoming powerful but are still no match for native apps.
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Who'd buy one of these instead of Nexus 10? Or an iPad? What's its advantage over the alternatives? The tablet landscape is vastly different from that of desktop/laptop and I just cannot see the point of such devices.
Judging by the silent removal of any mentions of the Nexus Q on Google sites, we can be pretty sure that Google learned the lesson of overpriced-underpowered-products--namely, that they shouldn't be done.

I bet this Chrome OS tablet will cost $99, and with proper marketing, be a huge success.
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Google already has Android in the tablet market and its Nexus series are already pretty cheap. I doubt Chrome OS has lower system requirements than Android, so if there'd be a Chrome tablet at $99, why not make it a Nexus tablet at $99? It's very very likely that the same hardware will sell far more in quantity with Android on board.
There was a lot of talk about a "touch" enabled Chrome device. So is it definitely a tablet or just a Chromebook with a touch screen? I'm hoping it's a tablet as I'd love to see a virtual keyboard back in Chrome OS! 
Seems like something like this would compete pretty well against a Microsoft Surface.
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+Jim Campbell You sure? With just a browser chrome and nothing else? Not even Google's own web productivity suit is touch-ready. The tablet story is all about native apps and it's vastly differently from PC, where the web is a concept people have accepted and embraced.
At the moment, a ChromeOS tablet makes little sense - not because it couldn't be done, but because few web apps are sufficiently touch-friendly. Most still rely on things like being able to hover over a link to see tooltips or to change state. 
+Raphael Kaulitz Merge an insecure, unreliable OS (Android) with a secure, reliable, fast one (ChromeOS)? No thanks. Merging the two would mean losing all the things that give ChromeOS it's advantages. To gain what? The ability to run Android apps? No thanks - I don't want malware on my Chromebook. 
With Google it is always a chicken and egg situation. Something has to come first. Build the device and the touch-friendy eggs will come.
+François Beaufort I have been waiting long time to buy and own a Google tablet Chome OS. Please, be in touch with this subject because there are plenty of people are waiting like me.
Thanks :)
thanks franchois hi from turkey i find this informations :)
Wow, It's ChromeTab or ChromeTouch, Bring it to market will be a huge success!
I don't see Chrome OS being compelling on a tablet, I guess mostly because I don't find tablets compelling.  Tried to love my tablet, gave up and sold it.  I still think tablets are a fad, or at the very least, are mostly for consumption only.  In any case Chrome OS is a good productivity platform so a tablet will sell the platform short.

But nice thing about a possible Chrome OS tablet:  we get portrait mode!  Great for Chromeboxen.
Well, I have a 10" Android Tab.. I have a 10" Win 8 RT Tab..  1 15" Dell LT.. ALL in my road kit for service calls so I can get to the net no matter what (Yea sounds dumb but everybody is working against dual boot TRUE DUAL BOOT). May as well add chrome to the list....
i want a chrome os tablet... it would be cheap, and provide access to all the google stuff i use... so this would be perfect for small business or consumers.
For me Chrome OS tablet make more sense than Android tablets or IPad. I want my tablet to do the things that my notebook can do, not the things that my smartphone can do! On my notebook I'm browsing like 99% of the time. Something like an Asus transformer with keyboard, between 10-11 inch, ultra hd, 4:3 screen orientation for optimal browsing... Sweet!! Would buy immediately. 
Have both a Chrome book and Chrome box I'd buy a Chrome OS in a flash as long as they don't over the top with the specs. eg Chrome Pixel, there is simply no need on a Browser based OS.
+Hank Wang most important difference is chrome browser in the chrome os works like desktop chrome! The problem about the chrome browser in android is, its not like desktop browser! That means you can use your chrome os tablet like desktop tablet, in terms of browser;)
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