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The Alternate Chrome OS Shelf Design has been enabled by default in the last Dev Update.

As you can notice in the screenshot below, the App Launcher Icon is now the first item and blueish when highlighted.

Moreover, adjusting the Shelf Position has also been enabled. Right-clicking on the Chrome OS Wallpaper will let you set your shelf to the left, bottom or right side of your screen. 

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What I dislike here is multiple pages of icons. I can only do one thing at a time. I clicked on the launcher because I want to see those icons. Show them to me. All of them if they can fit on my screen. What is the point of making me click and click to get there?
Conserving space like this only makes sense if an object is meant to remain open while other items are in use. This is essentially a menu. I am there to use it then it will be gone. Saving space with it makes zero sense.
It would be helpful to have a staged area near where I click to activate the menu. Here I should be able to put favorites and it should also perhaps stack recent or often used apps. This would handily limit necessary mouse travel. However it should still fill my screen with icons if that is how many I have in there.
Windows got this wrong for years. I wonder how long Google aims to follow that horrible example of design over use.
Click a bunch of times.... just.... because.....
+Mike McLoughlin If they're still valid, I'm sure MS would use the opportunity to attack Google :) ... Regardless of whether they've moved on themselves with Windows 8 
Nice update but it's quite maddening that the pressed state of the launcher icon is bugged. If you use the search key to open it, it doesn't highlight and if you click outside of the launcher to close it, it stays highlighted until you hover over it.
For the system tray, yes, but the launcher is still buggy for me.
+Trevor Howard I mean latest dev source trunk not dev channel image. I checked that this bug was gone in the latest dev source code trunk.
Now I just wish we had "lock toolbar items" as I manage to drag and reorder by accident all the time!
+Kenton Douglas I suppose it could be patents. Though I'd be slightly surprised. Only slightly though. All I want it to do is present a full list of applications if screen space allows it, only resorting to tabs if it literally won't fit on the screen.
I think it is simply design choice on their part. Perhaps they feel several clicks in a confined area are preferable to moving to select something further afield on the screen. I disagree.
The recent redesign of the bottom right selections on youtube videos shows similar mentality. They cleaned it up by removing a couple icons and forcing multiple selections for very common uses such as adjusting resolution or removing captions where before one or perhaps two would do. I theorize that must have been done by the same guy that designed the inane UI for organizing 'collections' on youtube. Sometimes I sit quietly in the evenings and just wonder why this guy has done these things. If perhaps he might be evil. Why nobody stopped him. Etc...
It does look a bit weird without a little arrow hanging off the app box showing that it's popping up from the apps button.
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