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The chromium team listened to the feedback users gave regarding the Camera App and has just updated it for our pleasure:

- Multi-shot button takes three shots at once.
- Timer button enables or disables the countdown timer.
- Effects added: Photo Lab, Modern, Ghost 
- Print and Save buttons added to the gallery view

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Why can't we get this from Chrome Web Store for Chrome?
+François Beaufort I thought it was still in ChromeOS only... awesome it's now in the Web Store! (That's what I get for not scrolling to the bottom of your post!) 
I still don't understand the purpose of a camera app on a laptop unless Google is developing it for a Chrome tablet/phone.
+Tadej Rudec , I understand that.  But why do people use a laptop for picture taking?  The cameras are bad quality and I can't see any reason why to take a picture in front of my laptop.

I fully understand the use of a web cam, but as a still camera?  This is more like a gallery app.
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