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After months of work, Chrome OS unveils Google Now Cards in its last Dev Update for those who have enabled the experimental chrome://flags/#enable-google-now flag.

Don't be surprised if you don't see all your Now Cards. Google Now on Chrome shows only a subset of the Now cards you see on your mobile device, which uses your device's location.

In the screenshot below, I only get the Paris weather because that's where I am.

And if you want to turn off Google Now, click on the notification icon in the lower right corner of your screen to open the Notifications Center, click the gear icon and uncheck the box next to "Google Now".

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Laptops need to come with GPS chips now :P Or use Bluetooth to access user position from their phones. 
WiFi might work in USA and Europe but not everywhere :) Google Now is going to be quite restrictive without location data. Of course Google can assume that if I am logged into Chromebook using the same ID that is also online on a smartphone... Both the devices are in vicinity of each other. 
It shouldn't use the device location at all but the location from the location provider used by the play services
Still getting there. Not working so smoothly yet. Keeps showing me a card from Amsterdam Central station to my house when I get home. 
+Michael Bond almost, yes. And my device is constantly pushing my location to the location service provider if I'm not wrong. So the chromebook should not get the location information from my device directly but from the central storage of location data
How do I use Google Now on my Windows 7 PC? On the flags page it says it's also for Windows.
+Alex Rodrigues you know why, right? They're still working on mainling Aurora for Linux. You can enable it under a flag currently but they're looking at M35 for defaulting to it. Once they have rich notifications they can work on Google Now.
Also you should consider the people who use rdp/citrix to access the machines. They might be living in a different time zone and for some people  (like me) in a different continent

Edit: I thought this was applicable in chrome for windows :(
got those flags enabled and google now on my phone but I'm still not getting anything either.
+Vilmar Simson Thank you very much. Was looking for Google Now on my PC since I first used it
Even if you post 5 new things about Chrome OS on the same day, your screenshots will have different wallpapers on all of them. 

I noticed them too, but I have a small problem... the weather card shows temperature in Fahrenheit, is there any way to change it to Celsius? I don't see one in the settings...
A, ok, I'll try to do that on the iPhone. But ideally there should be a setting for it. Or it should change based on your country, US is pretty much the only one using a non-metric system. :)
I'm glad to see Google now come to Chrome OS beta, however the location is incorrect, It has placed me in the north-east USA, which although correct is not granular enough to be of any use. Any way to fix this? I'm sure that by the time it's out of beta this issue will be resolved.
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