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I'm really amazed by how powerful are Chrome Apps APIs. So today, I'd like to show you SyncIt, a simple Chrome App that takes advantage of the chrome.syncFileSystem API, a cool API which allows to save and synchronize data on Google Drive.

My goal here was to write as little code as possible while still doing something useful. In this case, this Chrome App syncs all the files you drop into it across all your Chrome Desktop browsers

Code is really easy to understand. Less than 30 lines of JavaScript make the sync happen. The left over is all about making the Chrome App look nice(r).
If you're interested, look at and read the official documentation at

SyncIt is available now on the Chrome Web Store at
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Nice! Im trying it out now.. How do I remove an item from the box?
Perfect, thank you. I also found it in my "all items" tab .. thank you !
I hope Google Hangouts team use this tech to add file sharing to Chrome app of Hangouts. 
Feature Requests if you are talking them! 

1. If possible, let the user set a visible folder to be used for this app on Google Drive. 
2. Add context menu option for quick sharing with Google Contacts :P 

This can potentially turn into a Google Chrome Packaged App for Google Drive. I know I am asking for too much :P 
Just a little tip that made it easier for me to manage: Grab folder in ALL ITEMS and move it to MY DRIVE section, and rename it so that it is easier to find and manage.
weird. i thought these folders were designed to be hidden and read-only so that the user cannot break chrome apps using them? 
+Sushubh Mittal I thought that too, but if you think about it it would sort of break Google's transparency thing that they do. Then again, that is how Google Keep works...
It would be useful to provide instructions. I tried several possibilities in keeping with these comments and couldn't get it to work. But they are so disjointed that I'm sure i'M missing something not gotten if it were given stepwise.
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