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Today, I'm excited to share with you some screenshots of the upcoming Google+ Photos App (aka Pulsar).

This Chrome App made by Google is powered by Native Client technology and is giving you the ability to upload and share photos from Google Chrome.

Two key features in my opinion are:
- Automatic selection of the best shots
- Automatic import of photos when I plug in a camera or memory card
This App definitely showcases what looks like a full-fledged Chrome App.

If you're adventurous, you can download the pulsar zip archive at

EDIT Thanks to +Saša Stefanović there are more photos in the album. See
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Exciting! Boring question; Can it do folders/albums within folders/albums?
Looks cool does it have editing features and such like snapseed? EDIT: I can't even get it to launch on latest Chrome dev it says "There were warnings when trying to install this extension: 'mediaGalleriesPrivate' is not allowed for specified extension ID."
Will it work on the Samsung Chromebook?
This looks great, with Quick Office working on Chrome OS I hope Google have got Nik Software working on a native Photoshop replacement.
Excellent Google, we need more of these please!; particularly for the Google Music conundrum on ChromeOS (yes I know there is an unofficial app that pretty much works already out there).
Native Client has been used in Quick Office and Google+ photos, chrome is getting ready for native applications with native client and packaged apps, very exciting.
I'm guessing I have to fix the code or disable part of it or something lol.

Are there any more of these apps that are getting worked on atm? Where did you find them?
+Mark Dodsworth  as far as I am aware native client has been ported to ARM as well, at least it has been promised, so hopefully they should work in any chrome devices, hardware limitations may be the only concern for performance.
+Mark Dodsworth I believe these native apps will hit the Pixel first and then feed into the other Chrome devices a short time later.  In general, ChromeOS shouldn't suffer fragmentation issues for applications like you see in Android.  After all, each device eventually gets upgraded to the latest and greatest Chrome.  Only so long as the hardware can cope with what's being asked of it, then we should be cool.  The main difficulties will be in CPU architecture.  See the Netflix example on Arm.
Please tell me this new app will fix the two biggest issues I have with googles current photo solutions, they are

A) no sub folders makes things messy
B) limit of 1000 per album

This is exactly what I was waiting for. I'm borring to store my picture on my Nas and then decide which should be upload online in Google+

I found the --enable-media-transfer-protocol-device-operations flag but that didn't seem to fix it still looking to see if I find something more relevant.
Now, you have to play with "Inspect Element" to remove some parts.
I can't even get it to run :( I did however find an interesting flag --enable-google-now-integration however all it does is crash Chrome but Windows reports that Chrome requested my location so it must have done something.
What flag do you use to get it to be launchable? Also does anyone know anything about the --enable-native-messaging flag?
this is mine settings \AppData\Local\Chromium\Application\chrome.exe --enable-media-transfer-protocol-device-operations --whitelisted-extension-id=cenakmmiifkineajboloafackkfcfecg

last part is id of this extension
I was just barely trying to get that to work lol but I didn't know how to format it maybe it'll work now :P EDIT: Success! Now to get and login :D
It says oAuth request failed I wonder if it needs API keys and that's why it's failing because the keys don't link up with the signature that's how Android apps work at least it keeps people from randomly using Google's APIs without permission.
I must be doing something wrong because I can't even get it to login still I made a client id using the ID from chrome and added it to the manifest isn't that what I'm suppose to do? 
+Matthew Garbett nothing, just restart chrome, and check again flag, and also check again in extensions is there any other problem with it. Soon i will upload some of pics from this app so you can all see it
I got it to login finally my copy paste must not have saved or something idk.
Is this actually uploading the 3k pictures I have...
+Matthew Garbett no, its actually downloading 3k pictures you have (if you have them on picassa or g+ photos). But if you choose to "add" photos in this "app" it will upload it, yes
It's best just to follow +François Beaufort because you get all the news before the news does LOL. Well I'm glad it's downloading not uploading because I don't need duplicated on picasa lol it's simply to delete duplicated on my pc.
It's definitely uploading all these pictures lol.
+Matthew Garbett not for me, it uploads only if you add them manualy from button no top. As you can see in mine screenshots, my transfer monitor shows only high activity on downloading, because it's probably caching images locally for faster viewing
My auto upload popped up and told me new pictures were there and it was what was in my one folder.
I had to change my pictures library so it wouldn't import my 1k background pictures from +Trey Ratcliff lol. 
I'm hoping that all of these things point to Google unifying the experience across all their applications. Having Picasa, Google+ and other options is pretty confusing. I would love one photo application that plugs into everything else. This is what the G+Photo sounds like it will be. 

Thinking about Google+ I can see now that it really is what it says, it is Google plus ___ (fill in the blank). Eventually, all things will port through G+ and be unified under that banner (I hope). 

My mother asked me the other day how come there is videochat in Google Talk and Google+. She wondered why there isn't just one. That's the sort of unification they need to keep working toward. 
Argh. I wish Google would consolidate photo management completely. G+ Photos, store them in Drive, use Picasa or Picasa Web? They each do things the others don't. My photos are becoming scattered and unorganized, and I don't like that!
+François Beaufort forgive me if the following is a stupid question.  How are you getting this information?  Do you work for Google?  Because seriously dude, you're providing all of us a great service by releasing all of this information.

You're finding awesome things on a daily basis.  I naturally hunt for this same kind of information but you seem to be a lot better at following the signals than I thought possible.  So, thanks for your efforts and keep it up!
Fantastic, the consistent UI is very much appreciated.
I do not work for Google. Since Chromium is an open-source project, anyone can spot these features.
+François Beaufort that doesn't explain how you can find non-Chromium related things so quickly.  That I suppose we can chalk up to raw skills.
Sorry for being a total noob here, I don't know very much about programming and was hoping I'd be able to figure out how to set this up.  

Apparently I have to define OS_WIN but I don't know how to do so and a Google search has proven... unhelpful.

This might simply be above my skill level to even attempt.
So I take it this is the beginning of the end for Picasa web? And likely eventually the windows desktop client as well.
No Creative Kit? Strange...
The real question is how this app handles offline media. ChromeOS needs a story for sorting and editing photos before they end up in the cloud. Folks who shoot RAW photos (exactly the types of users who drop $1,300 on a HiDPI laptop) can't wait to upload everything to the cloud before they can do their work. (You can easily fill up a 16 or 32 GB card on one day of shooting RAW photos. Even on Google Fiber, that's a hell of an upload.)

If Google isn't building an offline workflow for photos and videos on ChromeOS, it's either a sign that ChromeOS isn't yet mature enough to handle real offline work, or a sign that Google's strategy tax is preventing ChromeOS from becoming a legitimate alternative to legacy operating systems.
I wonder if Google+ Photos and Google Drive will ever merge? A special system level folder could be created in Drive for all photo albums in Google+ Photos. Of course, this update has nothing to do with anything like this. But one can always hope...
+Nate Cress maybe  that's what the above feature is really all about.  A better way to gather, display, and edit all the photos that google has access to.
+Nate Cress Creative Kit is Flash-based and painfully slow. It never took off as a marketable feature. The Picnik team did some good work, but clearly it wasn't the future of photo editing at Google, or it wouldn't have bothered buying Nik.

I'd be surprised if we don't see different tiers of Snapseed show up on Chrome in the very near future.
+Nate Cress , I really hope it goes this way. It is the logical step. Drive becomes your locker for all things that are accessed from other google services. Photos are essentially just files and it makes sense for a redirect from G+ to drive for your photos.
+Aaron Weiss Full agree, ChromeOS will have no chance for ambitious photographers, when there is no offline possibility for post-processing RAW-formats for all cameras and converting into JPEG. Well-known famous apps like Photoshop, Lightroom and Nikon's ViewNX and captureNX should be running on Chromebooks. 
A workaround should be temporary to boot Windows 8 or MacOS from an USB-stick for working with this applications on a Chromebook. 
+Manfred Laun (As an aside, the Pixel would theoretically make a perfect host for a virtualized OS. Something along the lines of Parallels Desktop would let you run full-on Lightroom or Premiere with less overhead than on a Mac. The 32 GB of on-board storage on the Pixel is obviously a non-starter for this scenario, but you could imagine a hybrid 1 TB drive filling the gap. It's not a long-term solution, but as a transitional feature for creatives or enterprise customers who need legacy app support, it would make tons of sense.)
+Aaron Weiss A really good suggestion for future, extending the on-board-storage of 32 GB on the Pixel with much more capacity by a hybrid drive. Such solutions should be offered getting a better acceptance for a an expensive 'multimedia' Chromebook.   
+Brian G. Fay agreed!  Think about the fragmentation and overlap out there.  G+ photos and Picasa.  gChat, Google+messenger and google voice.  

The leaked chat icon that recently came out seems to point strongly to gvoice text, gChat and G+ messenger at least living together in an app.  

I have to believe google is about to stomp on the accelerator and start to bring these things into one unified G+ world.  As you said . . . Google+pictures; Google+Messages (email, chat, text) and what not
Thank you for the guide, took me a couple of tries but now its running =) Not sure what to do with it yet though but I'll probably figure it out!
Just got this up and running. Thanks for all the help!
Google+ Photos should have something really innovative, powerful and unique to G+. Can someone share with me what that is?
+François Beaufort, I probably jumped the shark on this one:  "A developer on Google+ named François Beaufort has uploaded a series of screenshots, . . ."
i have chromebook pixel is this out yet for it ? On the chrome store? thanks 
Seems like this is the perfect app to merge Google+ Photos and Drive =) at least I freaking hope so!
Folder... Does this mean we can finally organize photos in folders?
I want:
- Tags (other than face tags)
- Geo-Tagging feature
- Collections/Folders
- Hiding of administrative albums (from posts etc.)
As Internet bandwith will increase, I would love to see some RAW post processing in the cloud, before uploading to an album. So dear +Google , please acquire Adobe and create an awesome cloud edition of a combined Photoshop/Lightroom/Nik app inside G+
Want this so bad! Do we know when it's coming out?
+François Beaufort have you not encountered any piece of evidence that shows a native packaged GMAIL app? I mean it has to be there eventually ;-) update is due this spring, or I should say April 1st? ;-)
+François Beaufort - do we know when we can expect to see this made real on desktops, etc? I would love for this to scan folders in my Google Drive and not require me to rely on Picasa on a had drive (or having those photos stored locally in order to sync / upload them). Same goes for Google Music, of course ;-)
+François Beaufort Any sign of the ability to order prints?  That doesn't seem to be a high priority for Google folks, but it is for me!
What about speed? Will it be as fast as Photo Mechanic ingesting and showing RAW files? No point otherwise ;)
please make this available for chrome on all devices thanks.
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