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Did you ever dream you could say "OK Google" to your Chromebook? In that case, wake up and open the App Launcher.

If you're on the Dev Channel now and have previously enabled the App Launcher Start Page hidden behind the experimental chrome://flags/#enable-app-launcher-start-page flag, it should work out the box.
Just say "Ok Google" and search for something by saying it. That's all ;)

As you will notice, it is just the beginning. There are many things we could do such as the  "Ok Google, open Gmail" or "Ok Google, chat with Josh".
What would be your favorite "Ok Google" in Chrome?

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Ste Boyd
OK Google. "Make me a sandwich"
Very cool. 
"Ok Google, open all bookmarks in folder x" - this would be incredible. I have about 10 tabs I open every morning, another 15 in the afternoon, and 5 at night. It only takes about four clicks to get them to open, but it would be great to do it with voice. 
This is what I've been waiting for.  Going to switch to dev mode now!
I can see a day that you will just have it listen all the time, without opening anything, like on a Moto X
is this only for ChomeOs  or can i get this through Chrome Canary too?
I'm not clued up on Bluetooth, is it possible to connect a Chromebook and an Android device to the same Google glass and say "ok Google, open gmail on Chromebook. Ok Google, call Kallee on Android" without having to take them out of your rucksack or pocket? That would be both cool and useful.
so Im on dev channel and Ive enabled app launcher from flags, but it wont do the voice search... help?
This needs to happen without opening the launcher
Ugo Ano
If you download Cyman Mark 2 for Android, and Cyman Mark 3 from the Chrome store, you'll find you were able to do that from a few months ago! In fact, you can give Cyman any nickname you want - like "Jarvis" (given Cyman was inspired by Jarvis from Iron Man).  Like "Jarvis, open facebook".  "Jarvis, add milk to my shopping list".  The Android app and Chrome app are linked by your Google account too.  (All stable channel)
Awesome shanghai photo can i get the source?
I've got a Samsung Chromebook and while it works, there's no visual feedback that you've turned it on, results just show up. Not a bad start though....really really really excited about this expanding. 
"OK Google, get naked... slowly... very slowly..."
+James Walker I'd say that would require Hangouts the people deserve. One that truly integrates Dialer, Messenger, and Talk into one. Right now we're working with the latter two, disconnected in one app, that isn't connected to the Chrome browser app (i would like to send texts from the browser). 
+Jack Burgin and +Kyle Kinnaman thanks for posting, or I'd not have realized it's actually working. A rather Android-esque flop of an experience, but at least it's on the Dev channel. Still hoping some of +François Beaufort & friends will lend their expertise to the Android team, where it seems to be increasingly acceptable to deliver these kinds of experiences in final release versions (after some weeks of waiting for their OTAs...). All of Google's product teams could take a page or two from the first-rate Chromium developers!
No sign so far on my Samsung 303, can't wait to test it!
I can't get this to work on my Chromebook 14
Amazing. I'll probably work on this feature now. I always wanted them to do this.  Now to "repo sync" :)
even though it is written in korean . i can not understand single word.

but i can  see the wrong pronunciation " 보퍼트 "
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