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Chrome Dev Editor (aka Spark previously) is a powerful Chrome App for building apps on the Chrome platform - Chrome Apps and Web Apps, in JavaScript or Dart. CDE is written in Dart, uses Polymer and supports Git and awesome mobile development.

Give a try now to the brand new developer preview version at

And if you want to learn more about it, go check out the public GitHub repository¹, watch the I/O 2014 session² and follow the I/O CodeLab tutorial³.

² Google I/O 2014 - How we built Chrome Dev Editor with the Chrome platform
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Been using this for a few days. Love it. Few feedback things that I'd love to see in the future:

*Live updating of the app you're running, much like DevTools does.
*Split screen view.
*List of IP addresses user favourites for deploying to mobile. For example, having 'work' and 'home' set.
Does this mean that Dart now runs natively on ChromeOS? 
The CDE work like a charm on my chromebook C720P, tomorrow I test the USB connexion with my smartphone and promise I start learning Dart and Polymer :)
It's awesome, could with do a better first run on boarding experience though.
I love it - great app. What would be helpful is a more sophisticated Chrome App sample project that perhaps has polymer and a build process to compress/uglify etc. (e.g. Grunt).
Very cool!!
Currently not very fast but I'm looking forward to use this on a future Chromebook I'll own sometime.
Hopefully a Pixel 2 ;)
I would love to have the Git portion of this pulled out and given a Chrome messaging API so that apps like Caret could talk to it. Any chance of that happening?
Git-HTML5 has always been a non-starter, since it works on the HTML5 filesystem and not the wider filesystem that Caret uses. But maybe I'll take a look at the Git portion, see if I can get it to build separately.
+Konstantin Meyer I believe that Google are working on the Dart VM for Chrome to hit at some point this year. They've been a little vague though.
This is rather odd. It's no replacement for WebStorm, but apparently it runs on Chrome OS? At least Google didn't use Eclipse as a base like they did with Dart Editor. <shudder>

Why does Google have so many IDEs though? Honestly, I just wish Google would leverage JetBrains more. 
+Steve Hartzog Its probably because IntelliJ platform is proprietary as opposed to Eclipse being (almost) open source.
+Miša Brežanac yes IntelliJ is not free, but they are using it for Android Studio so why not just standardize across the board. Better yet, they could just buy JetBrains.
+Steve Hartzog IntelliJ, unlike Eclipse Orion or Chrome Dev Editor, is not a web app so it does not run in Chrome OS.
+Jerzy Głowacki yes it makes more sense for Chrome OS (where I assume there is no node or npm). Unfortunately, I only saw it run on the Linux boxes in the code labs. I would like to see it's perf on a pixel though. 
Now we create a new monopol, chrome os app only for google, that is not so good. Better we goe back to C for a free OS like bsd or gnu/linux. 
does the local server work on chromebooks that are not running in dev mode?
Can you build a web app using polymer with Chrome Dev Editor?
you can run in non dev mode as normal chrome os app and you can using polymer with dev editor. 
The local preview server only works for me on mac. Chromebook hangs on
127.0, doesn't time out.

However, extremely grateful, I've been psyched on this project for a while.

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Does CDE have debugging/breakpoints? If not, this isn't particularly useful... Neat idea, though.
Out of box, there isn't a project type for a Dart Chrome App- is it possible to make it work somehow, or will we still be doing JavaScript for ChrApps?
+Thanh Nguyen Nah. We can't do that yet because the Dart VM isn't shipped with Chrome stable yet.
+Cameron Brown But we can compile Dart to JavaScript, right? It would just be nice to have that rolled into the Chrome App build process, instead of jumping through hoops and workarounds.
+Thanh Nguyen Yeah that would work but wouldn't you then lose all the good parts about Dart, mainly the speed.
We've added a project type for a Dart Chrome App; it'll be available in the next release (at the end of this month). We'll compile your app to JavaScript as part of the run/deploy process if the Dart source has changed.
+John O'Day Local preview works on my Pixel which is not in dev-mode. My version:

Google Chrome 38.0.2125.49 (Official Build e935870) beta
Platform 6158.21.0 (Official Build) beta-channel link 
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