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It looks like the Chromium Team is working on implementing Synchronized Notifications in the last Chromium build.

From what I can see, it looks an unique upcoming service (named "Sample App" during the development) will bring synced notifications into Chrome.
Work in progress can be followed by enabling the chrome://flags/#enable-sync-synced-notifications flag.

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Do you know if Google has any plans on syncing extension setting between devices?
Will the bell on be totally replaced by Chrome's notification center anytime soon?
but will it sync with android? ;-)
Chrome becoming a symbiotic OS. Google's 'OS' lives on other OS.

Wonder if this is the route Firefox is going to follow too?
+Alvin Chong The problem is that notification systems in Windows 8, Apple OSes, Android is not anymore a place for every app to display information. It became a war between giants for apps to use their own API and backend message push system in their cloud.
And the problem is the same with app launchers, contacts, calendar, even file and protocol associations, etc.
+Francesco Bertelli while notifications could be displayed like native OS X notifications - obviously Google can't really show their dynamic Google Now cards in Notification Center - and then they have no control over the design/layout apart from the icon.
What about the elephant in the room?  No one talks about it nor addresses the fact that as far as I have seen and from everyone I have asked there is no way to synch files (as kies does for android)  or port and read as a drive  an android phone with a Chrome OS based system.  Why cant I just plug my galaxy S3 via usb to my Chromebook an use an app like Kies to synch my files?  Or use an external hard drive with my Chromebook? Wouldnt this be the most pressing functionality to provide?
+Jose Julian Guerra woah, what room are you in... I like elephants.
I think what it's worth remembering here is chrome os is light weight, as soon as you start clogging it up with files it doesn't need it stops being so light weight (yes I know solid state drives minimise the effects but they are still there, and not all chrome books are solid state), also google really want you to go to the cloud.
Rather than syncing your files to you laptop why not get an app on your phone that syncs to drive, cut out the middle man.
+François Beaufort what about desktop mode by default on 10 inch #Android tablet? It's a pain to load smartphone layout on a 2560x1600 pixels Nexus 10 display. Please speak about this problem with your team.
+Andrew Bone First let me say THANK YOU for actually addressing this question.  Secondly I love elephants too!  Third and best... I like the cloud concept as much as the next guy... BUT until the day arrives where power is unlimited and everyone and every place on the planet is hard wired to the internet there still remains the need to store stuff locally.  Fourth and Final... remember that synching isnt just for backing up data and that there are many uses for connected devices that go beyond just using my phone aka...infinite periph that are out there... and drivers are a thing of the past these days... I am not alone in saying some things I want with me and some I want in the cloud but what I definitely don't want is to HAVE to conform to a method that forces me to take alternate routes to transfer my stuff....I love Google so dont get me wrong but must they become like Apple or worse like Sony where we not only have to use their software but also their hardware in order to have seamless functionality?  I remember having to transfer my iphone contents to my Galaxy S3 and let me tell you it was not fun even with the tool samsung/android provided to assist with this task.  Sony well... they are so proprietary I would need to buy something from them right now just to explain to you how inconvenient and incompatible they are with the rest of the technological world.
How do you get the notifications icon? I have the rich notifications flag enabled.
+1 +David Atherton I wish I knew how to get the notification icon to stay. I have asked before but not found an answer.
+Michael Davies I agree, the icon should stay in the menu bar even if there are no new notifications, but simply change to the white (hollow) Mr. Jingles as in Google+ if all notifications have been dealt with.
Then you could still acess the settings or snooze notifications via the Menu Extra. Now you need a new notification to come it to gain access to the menu which does not make sense to me.
If you file a bug report on post it here and I'll star it, too.
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