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Chrome OS is getting sounds for startup, lock, unlock and shutdown actions that we'll be able to hear in context in the next Dev Update.

But, because I don't want to be the only one to enjoy them right now, I've updated to also include audio files (not just images) directly from the chromium source code.

Go to and listen ;)

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Woo! I mean Ting! 
I was just wondering the other day if these were coming! A very nice auditory signature to the brand. =D
This is great, Chrome OS getting better every week.
Will I be able to replace them with my own sounds?
Soundcloud has direct integration with g+ :-)
As a joke, someone should do the Microsoft load up orchestra music all of us suffered with.
I hope we'll be able to have them off by default--preferably from the admin devices settings panel. Think of a whole classroom full of them all at once....
+Kevin Thomas , I doubt you'd find our classrooms dull! : )
Noise is not always equated with joy, nor silence with drab and dull.
'Would have to see this live. The lock/unlock sounds by themselves don't appeal to me very much.
These are cool enough. I especially like the way the lock and unlock sound. However I hope they will be customizable.
I normally don't like system sound but these seems to be quick and smooth.
Nice work!
What an awesome set of resources ala Google for someone building UI.
Whatever happened to this? Never received these sounds on start up. I'm running 46 build on hp 11 1st gen.
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