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As you know, Google Chrome Team is working on improving Chrome History with new features such as grouping websites by domain and filtering them by period.

Work is almost done as you can see in these screenshots from the last chromium build (
Go give it a try by running chrome with --enable-grouped-history switch and by going to chrome://history

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That's going to be handy in remembering what I was doing yesterday.
Why do some of these features are available through Flags while others need a command line attribute :\ 
I'd say switches are really for pure development whereas flags are for development and user feedback.
I could be wrong though!
But how does one give feedback if these features are not even promoted by Google developers! I guess they are aimed at folks involved in the Chromium project to test out. :\ 
I wish Google would let me combine chrome://history with so that I've got the same history to search/view no matter what device I'm on.
+Abraham Williams I'm not sure if they're combining with Google History, but synced history is already a development flag - go to chrome:///flags, scroll to the bottom and click Enable full history sync. I imagine it will get merged with as it matures.
+Farran Lee I forgot about that flag and had it only enabled on one of my browsers. Currently I'm using a Chrome extension that unofficially adds items to It works in a pinch but removing something from google doesn't remove it from Chrome. There is also that is separate as well...
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