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Chromebook Pixel is gonna come with a Chrome App named "TimeScapes" which basically plays a high-resolution video featuring slow-motion and time-lapse cinematography.

You can already watch some TimeScapes 4K videos on YouTube but I'm quite sure the experience must be different on the Pixel screen.

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First thing I enjoyed on my rMBP.
Yes, it does look amazing on the Pixel, +François Beaufort - I showed it to a friend this morning who thought it looked 3D. He was very impressed.
Pretty sure the Timescape app is built-in.. I tried going to the 'Show in web store' and it showed item not found.. 
This is the link to 'view in web store' but which causes a not found/removed error...
If you activated Developer Mode, you can open a shell and type:
cp ~/Extensions/mlbmkoenclnokonejhlfakkeabdlmpek ~/Downloads -r
then open the Files App, zip the folder and share it ;)
Stunning, I'm sure. I wonder how many scenes you can download before filling up your 32 gb drive? :-)
+Mike McLoughlin if you decide to share the link can you share the G+ photos app and Quick Office app please? Failing that some screen shots of these apps?
I don't know if Google would be upset with copying the video off the Pixel.  But you can download nearly the same video from Vimeo:  The experience of watching on Pixel should be nearly the same as watching the 4k version full screen on high-quality 30" monitor at twice the normal laptop viewing distance.
we need tools to encoding video in 4k not only a player. How can we trust Google when all screenshots from Google Devs are made in OSX environment? 
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