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A nice new tab page is now available in Chrome Canary for Bing users.

For information, this new tab page is simply loading
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I would actually use this because of Bing's awesome wallpapers.

And then remove everything Bing related using AdBlock
I use bing because of bing rewards. You're getting 5 dollars a month just for searching with bing, who wouldn't want free money? And that's using one account, you can have 4 accounts per household legally. 4 Accounts = $20 of free cash per month.
I don't think they're are people use bing and chrome canary at the same time.
+Utku Birkan Exactly. If someone uses Chrome Canary, pretty sure they're already invested into the Google ecosystem, including Google search.
It was ridiculous to request in an omnibar under a Google logo and get a result processed by Bing Search.
This is an abomination. It's like offering veal in a vegan restaurant.
I can't possibly imagine me EVER using this - but nevertheless, If someone uses Chrome (or might use Chrome), but they do like Bing, and would like to have that new tab page with its option to sign in and gain easy access to their Outlook Mail and Word online - if they also like those things, then why not? Giving your users the option to integrate other companies products with yours, and even make them the default action is what makes you great. If someone likes one, or some, of your products, that is still no reason to try to force them to use all of your products. But if you can make yours more appealing, then that is even better. Google Search is better, in my opinion, and integrates far better with all my other stuff - but it is still nice to have options...even if you never use them.
The only thing I regret is Google Instant Search, where you saw search results as you type…

+Utku Birkan +Vinoth Ragunathan And you, you don’t know much about Chrome.
Almost – if not every – modification of Chrome files is done firstly on Canary, then the Canady code gets on Dev, which itself gets to Beta, to Stable. 
+Lunix Watt well, i know chrome and it's channels. But well, i have never seen a guy who uses canary or dev channel using Bing.
i'd like to have an official google now new tab page and/or modifying my new tab page to have apps instead of most opened sites
+Utku Birkan …no, you don’t.
For example, WinAura, the Windows version of new crossplatform hardware‐accelerated UI  was first in Chrome Canary 32. Today, Chrome Stable is 34. Since Chrome Stable became 32, we got WinAura in Stable. If we download Chrome on Windows today, we will get WinAura. It’s the same for Bing NTP.
+Yvan Philogène That should never have happened.  The NTP had code to not display a logo if your default search engine wasn't Google.  Did you see otherwise?
+Peter Kasting Wow, thanks for your quick reaction, even if I haven’t experienced this bug ;)
+Yvan Philogène If you have experienced a bug where you set your search engine to not Google, and your New Tab Page still shows the Google logo, please report this at We don't want that happening.
It's just funny that Microsoft has to pay people to use its search engine.
+A.H. Nguyen they don't pay you to use their products, once you have to do that, you fail.
+Mari Black bing isn't paying you just because they're desperate, it's completely optional, US only, and its not like you're making huge cash off of it. Google opinion award is optional, limited to only a few countries, and you're not making much off of that either (plus you can only spend it in the play store).

Both are very similar program and have similar objectives, they both provide an incentive to use their service. 
+Matt Giuca My mistake. Indeed, the Google logo and "2nd" omnibar doesn't appear when Bing is set up as default omnibar search engine. 
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