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Basic Document Scanning in ChromeOS is going through the process of an API proposal. It means it's getting closer and that the chromium team loves to experiment wherever it can.

What this is designed to be:
- Method for discovering USB and LAN attached document scanners
- Method for retrieval of an image from an attached scanner, initially just to the Downloads directory.
- Architecture for separating privilege so the capture process is well sandboxed both from the logged-in user or any privileged account on the system.

What this won't be:
- Document conversion service
- Document distribution (beyond the local device)


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If they can do this, couldn't they also provide basic USB attached printing without having to go through cloud print?
I certainly do hope it could be ultimately used to help bring people (blind, low-vision, ESL) that may not be able to read printed documents by themselves the tools to any Android or ChromeOS device.
If and when this comes to light, and if it will detect and interface with my Canon scanner, that will be awesome - and could finally all but eliminate any need I will ever have to boot up Windows!
Alas, the architecture/API document doesn't appear to be public.
Since chromium is an open-source project, anyone could give it a try by using the OS advanced capabilities.
Wow it is very nice, today I am to change os to chrome and say good by windows ))
Waiting for that feature to come up and say good bye to my last Windows machine.  Any indications yet of when this is happening?
G Frank
I am anxiously waiting to be able to use scansnap ix 500 with crombook.does anyone know when will that be available? Gpf

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