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You will have 1 TB of free storage for 3 years, starting on the date you redeem the offer on eligible Chrome devices.
£1000 what happened to affordable? Was hoping to pick up a chrome book but not at that price
so it's touch too? that's great! Suddenly the price looks a better deal.. 
It looks really nice but pretty expensive. I feel like for that price they should have included more than 64GB internal storage and also 8GB of ram. I'm sure you can dual boot but it's hard with such limited storage and Chrome OS although it's a great OS it's still very limited at this point. The screen looks amazing though.
Andy L
The best looking display on a laptop, plus touch; let's not complain about the price too much.
5 hours of battery life. 32/64GB local storage. I am not sure what I think about it! 
1TB of Google Drive storage for 3 years included! Which is normally $1800. So if you need that, you can save $500 and get a laptop for free :D
That's really my biggest problem is the storage at this point I Would say. If the storage and ram is upgradeable than I suppose the price isn't terrible if you have money to upgrade it.
Don't get me wrong, I love Chromebooks. But I don't see the point of a $1300 laptop with quite a bit of power that can only run a web browser. 
Andy L
This thing is flawlessly designed. It's the premium of Chromebooks. They released the Chromebook for everyone ($250), now they're looking at the power users. I'm very tempted.
Us who are disappointed with the price are obviously not the intended target group. I'm certain there will be plenty of hardcore fans that will be enjoying this one though! Will you be getting one +François Beaufort ?
I used the Pixel and also use a MacBook Pro Retina.

The Pixel is much nicer to use than the MBP. For people despising 16:9 screen, it's even better.

Disclaimer: Google employee
Does this only run Chrome OS or does it have support for Android Apps as well? (Remember the chrome droid outside Google's Office,  do we have to wait till Google IO to find what the new droid means?)
I'm wondering whether Google will now contribute to the development of the intel drivers for linux. It would be beneficial for them to have the best performance with the chromebooks not just in terms of processor power but video graphics as well.
Just to think about it.

When I start my PC, I always do something else when it's booting (Not that bad, but it takes some time). When I type in my password, I wait a couple of seconds and then I open up my Chrome Browser. Everything in one single window. I got my stuff always with me, on my tablet, my desktop and my laptop. This is really the best product ever made. Google, you're doing it right.
+Florian Kiersch We've got engineers on the ChromeOS team that have been working on the Intel graphics drivers for a long time. They tell me that they upstream what changes they can (where our goals align with those of the upstream driver), and otherwise maintain patches in the open-source chromium-os repository.
This is a failure as far as I can see. Why wouldn't someone buy a Macbook Air or a Surface Pro instead and just run Google Chrome browser? I love my Chromebook but because it was cheap. A Macbook air running Linux would be a better buy.... 
+Brian Fagioli I guess that depends on what you see. I see a premium niche product catered towards the people who want to pay a big price for the first premium Chromebook. Not a large target group, but it exists. I wouldn't say it does the premium-part perfectly, but it's not a failure either in my eyes. One thing will always have to be the first, and this ended up being it. Hopefully the next premium Chromebook will be more worth the money to more people.
Sorry, just seen it had only 4gb ram, my next laptop needs at least 16gb...
What's baffling about this is that Google announced it without any major software updates alongside it. If you're going to compete in product segment that runs Photoshop/Final Cut/Illustrator as its bread and butter, you'd better have a decent story for creative professionals who'd like to live in the cloud.

Google bought Nik software, so why not wait until you've at least got  a professional-grade photo workflow to go along with your professional-grade laptop?
+Richard Anaya ChromeOS has the same touch web platform support as Chrome for Android.  So this means touch events but no built-in gesture events, but there are lots of existing libraries you can use, eg.  We've got our own gesture recognizer built into Chrome, but (other than the effects like scrolling and tapping) it's not exposed directly to the web - we still need a standardized API in order to expose it.
+Marc-Antoine Ruel Bonjour, je suis un étudiant de Québec et je me demandais si le CB Pixel valait le prix et où je pouvais m'en procurer un !
Looks awesome. Can't wait to try one.... 
L'argument du To n'est valide que pour ceux qui considéraient vraiment acheter 1 To ou qui vont l'utiliser, ce qui représente une infime partie des utilisateurs. Nous ne pouvons donc pas voir la situation ainsi. Pour ma part, j'aurais largement préféré un Pixel autour de 800-900 avec 100 Go ou 250 Go, ça aurait été un achat immédiat. Pour 1300$, je vais attendre le prochain Chromebook, en espérant que ce soit simplement un modèle moins puissant avec la même qualité de fabrication et l'excellent design du modèle actuel..
C'est ce qui est triste, parce que je suis certain que je ne suis pas le seul qui aurait sauté sur une si belle machine si le prix avait été un peu plus bas... Il ne reste qu'à espérer que la prochaine machine garde la même qualité de fabrication et le design..
Pourtant en vendant les Nexus à prix coupé, ils ont indéniablement fait mal aux manufacturier mid-range... Je suis tout à fait en accord pour que Google se charge du high-end pour les CB puisque l'OS n'est pas encore assez mature pour que cela ne vaille la peine pour les OEM. Je crois toutefois qu'un CB mid-range de Google serait beaucoup plus bénéfique que le very high-end que représente le Pixel. En effet, passer de 250 à 1300$ est difficile à faire avaler, alors que passer par 700-800$ avant aurait certainement été plus profitable pour le grand public. Il est toutefois improbable que ce soit ce segment qui est visé par le Pixel.
Je suis d'accord pour le CB, mais en vendant des téléphones avec aucune marge, Google attire des gens qui auraient autrement payé pour des téléphones pleins prix autrement. Et ça, ce n'est pas bon pour les partenaires, quoique je suis d'accord pour la publicité. De toute façon, le prochain problème de Google se situe du côté de Samsung...
Le problème des Nexus est qu'il ne crée aucune fidélité pour le fabriquant et il ne retire aucun revenu après la vente, puisqu'il ne peut remplir les téléphones de bloatwares. Allez-vous réellement considérer acheter un autre LG après ou plutôt le prochain Nexus. Vous êtes, tout comme moi, beaucoup plus fidèle à Google qu'au fabricant de votre téléphone et c'est là qu'est le problème quand il ne réalise qu'une mince marge, quoique dans le cas de LG le N4 a possiblement sauvé la division mobile... En tout cas, le futur des Chromebook n'a probablement jamais été aussi brillant selon moi, tout ça grâce à l'excellent travail des ingénieurs chez Google.
+Rick Byers did you notice that some of the toggled features are gone like transparent touch mark? or am I missing something
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