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+Mark Dodsworth just told me that the Chrome Icon in the Chrome OS Launcher was much more useful since the last Dev Update.

As you can see, it allows us to see at a glance all our opened windows.
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If you open up chrome it is not going to add a new windows tab in the taskbar??? Yeah! This is just what i've been waiting for!
Chrome OS looks more and more like Windows 7 and windows looks more and more like a web browser, what is going on!
For apps that new popup window in the Chrome OS Launcher now lists the name of the app at the top as a dimmed menu item, too.

It would be nice to have this as an active menu item that opens a new tab with that app. Useful for apps like Remote Desktop where you often want to open a second session instead of bringing the active one to the front.

Currently you can do this via right-click on the icon plus selecting "New Tab", but as there is that new menu item in the left-click menu now it could serve this purpose instead.
If you ask me this wasn't such a great idea. I keep going to the chrome icon to open a new tab, only to have to click Google Drive or some other web app and go from there instead.

It would have made more sense if clicking the chrome icon always launched a new tab, and holding your cursor over it is what prompts the "Open Windows" list.

Or at the very least there could be a "new tab" option in the open windows list. This seems more confusing than helpful.
i can't get this to work for me.. clicking on the chrome icon just goes back to the browser and it doesn't show the list..
+Brandon Michael The feature was removed in later builds of dev 26, it has now returned in version 27.0.1430.0 dev.

You get a popup as soon as you have multiple windows open, with a single window there is none.
+Norbert Rittel That's the dev version i am running. i've tried openeing multiple windows with no such luck. i've also lost the ability to do a two finger horizontal swipe to go back or forward in my history.
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