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If you enable “Instant extended API”  flag in chrome://flags in
Canary, you’ll notice that the chrome://history page displays all
your open tabs from all your signed-in devices.

And you can also access it from “More...” in “Recent Tabs” Chrome menu.

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Best be cautious with this flag - I just enabled it in Chrome beta and everything went haywire :-)
+François Beaufort what is "G+ Draft" for Google Drive on your MacBookAir?

And it really looks like you are living the G life. Do you browse some non Google sites from time to time?
Came here to see all of the complaints about Google reader and was plesently surprised to find none.
What a pity chrome:history doesn't work in Chrome iOS!
Hopefully they make it easier to use these with the Instant.
I think this is disabling the black navigation bar on too right?
This flag is now Enabled by default on the latest beta and for some reason, it also forces you to use a new 'New Tab Page'.  Broke my entire workflow...
+Peter Isemann  Whether workflow is limited or flexible is irrelevant as long as it gets the work done. The mentioned changes in Chrome have increased the time I require to get done what I need to be done. In any case, I know this is a 'free' browser and all that. I am merely mentioning it, and I will fix it.
Thankfully, Chrome seems to have reverted back to the old NTP without turning of Instant Extended API
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